dimbolalodgeDimbola Museum & Galleries is to present a stunning collection of new works by the visual artist and photographer, Sunara Begum, as well as local Paul Armfield’s collection of ‘found’ photographers that he has acquired over several years from the flea-markets of Berlin.

A British artist of Bangladeshi descent, Sunara explores perspectives on homeland, retracing legacies and memories of forgotten history. Begum has a unique ability to evoke an immediate emotional connection between subject and viewer and much of her work is occupied in capturing and conveying the expressions, emotions and gestures of her subjects.

sunarabegumdimbola2Begum’s interest in the pioneering work of the 19th century Victorian photographer, Julia Margaret Cameron, inspired her to stage a new interpretation of her work, engaging and developing a timeless relationship with her images. Begum re-imagines the life of her silent subjects, over a century later, and her work is a symbol of untold stories. This exhibition suggests the power of reclaiming the silenced voice that is all too often written out of human existence.

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Retracing the Eye is a new solo exhibition by Sunara Begum of 26 etchings, carborundums and woodcuts that follow an intimate and poetic narrative. Begum uses elemental materials drawn from the environment and her work is intrinsically connected to the landscape that she newly engages with. The colours and textures in her work have reminiscences of terracotta, earth pigment and draws from her own indigenous culture.

paularmfielddimbolafoundMeanwhile, next month local singer/songwriter Paul Armfield releases an album of songs inspired by a breathtaking collection of ‘found’ photographs that has been collected over several years from the flea-markets of Berlin by his friend Elinor. Dimbola Museum and Galleries has announced a new exhibition featuring these ‘found’ photographs.

Of the project Paul says:

“That we know nothing of the anonymous characters that populate each of these images is captivating enough, but knowing how German history was playing out in the background of each just adds further layers of fascination. Elinor has a real eye for beauty and humanity and there is an abundance of both in every one of the pictures she has collected.

“When I first looked through them I was overwhelmed, each image just explodes with narrative, but in writing songs about the photographs I have, for the most part, tried not to impose my own interpretations but rather create a soundscape of words and music that will enhance the experience. Three minute frames in which to pore over and marvel at each still image, breathing new breath into each anonymous life”.

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