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Island Line has been brought to a halt with all trains between Ryde and Shanklin suspended this afternoon (Saturday).

South Western Railway say that due to an electricity supply problem, train services on the Island are currently suspended.

2 fire appliances were called to Rowborough Lane on the outskirts of Brading at around 17:00 with fire crews inspecting an electricity substation near the junction with Carpenters Road, alongside the railway line.

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Crews then re-located to Harding Shute, where a sub-station was found to be on fire. The fire had spread to a nearby field too, which was extinguished using 2 hose reel jets.

Disruption on the network is expected until the end of the day meaning trains are unlikely to run again until tomorrow morning.

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betty boop

Problems with this train line constantly. When are we islanders going to get the trains we deserve? I took the train yesterday and the journey has gotten much worse; physically thrown around, bouncing up and down with the movement. Seriously, someone more elderly will have an injury soon. Awful,

Skid bop

Do you realise the trains are from 1938 and we are getting new ones very soon


The first new trains arrive in September.
This has nothing to do with the trains. This is a substation fire killing the electricity.


And the problem was not with the train but with a substation that probably supply’s electricity to power the train, so no power no train even if the train was sparkling new

Bing Bong

Only people inconvenienced are the poor who can’t afford a car.
Yawn, non story, fake news


Umm I think people other than poor people use the train – what a stupid comment!


I don’t take the car because I can’t afford the parking and the trains are free because they never check for tickets

isla wight

Will be soon, they’re advertising a conductors (and many other duties) job on




Hopefully the next 12 to 24 months will see the benefits of the planned investment come into fruition. The old trains and infrastructure have served the Island well and the people who run, maintain and keep them going all deserve a medal for doing their best to keep the rubber band from snapping too often.
The “new” trains will be something of a revolution I’m told… despite the fact they were originally built in 1978!

Horse face

Tar mac the lot. When Pennyfeathers is built and filled to over capacity with the mainland charming over spill, roads will be so congested that a new relief road will be needed especially in the Summer months to ease grid lock
With ever more people floating across the English Channel daily, many pregnant and choosing to have large families ever more houses will be filled and life for those NOT profiting from such will become intolerable.
My Horse hates being stuck in traffic in this heat as no doubt many of you do.

Master G

I love the whinges on here ! Betty as a matter of interest how much did your ticket cost ? Let me guess nothing, nil, zilch, zero, ! The guard people can’t sell tickets on the train due to COVID and you still complain ? The solution is simple if you don’t like the FREE train use the bus and pay instead !!

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