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A local Ryde resident has been cleaning up in his own neighbourhood – and now hopes to clean up in the polls.

Stuart Brown, 33, so tired of inaction over reported dog fouling and littering, decided to roll up his sleeves and tackle the problem himself with other willing volunteers last week.

Stuart said:

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“I’ve been in contact with everyone I can think of and no one wants to take responsibility for clearing the mess. I’ve even provided specific locations and photographs for some of it”.

Stuart decided the only thing left he could do was tackle the issue himself. Armed with bin bags and a litter picker he went out and tried to make a difference through an organised community clean up.

He said:

“I won’t get everything but I’ll do what I can, it’s positive that services are provided to keep our town and beaches clean but it’s easy to forget that it’s our neighbourhood where people spend most of their time living day to day, our kids even go to school nearby”.

Stuart, having recently set up a Neighbourhood Watch scheme in the Ryde West area, wants more to be done in enforcing by-laws and protection orders in relation to littering and dog fouling.

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His next goal is to attract voters to the polls in a coming Ryde Town Council by-election.

Stuart adds:

“I’m voluntarily standing for election to Ryde Town Council to represent my own community here in Ryde West, at this level people’s politics should be put to one side in favour of the community’s needs, that’s my hope”

Stuart plans another community clean up next month. See for more details.

Voters in Ryde West will have to chance to vote for their next town councillor on Thursday 16th April 2020.

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Clearly we are paying MORE yet getting less of a service. Much of our cash goes on adult social care, and much of that wasted on those who are already funded by central Government via disability payments and mobility etc.

Whilst not their fault they have issues, it is not ours either. The families of such people should take them out, give them treats etc NOT the council tax payers.

Who cares, I do.

Seay….Are you one of those “final solution” types?

none given

Mr Brown – you can start by ensuring that you will put a stop to councillors having their noses wedged in the trough of money, rinsed from taxpayers for their own ends.

You can reduce the burden on the taxpayer, by ensuring that we do not have to pay out for others kids in benefits.

you can reduce council tax bills

get the picture.

Nigel shore

Get your snout in the trough……..

Phil Stat

Having just looked at the list of Ryde councillors, I think there might be an opening for a young person on a mission. So good luck Stuart!

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