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Police on the Isle of Wight have been on the hunt for a suspect wanted in connection with a road traffic collision involving a Police van in Ryde yesterday evening (Sunday).

As first reported by Island Echo, a Police vehicle has been taken off the road after being hit by a Ford Fiesta in Upton just after 18:10 yesterday. The Fiesta did not remain at the scene and is believed to have made off towards Havenstreet.

2 teenagers, both aged 17-years-old, were located on foot in nearby Upton Road. 1 was arrested on suspicion of dangerous driving, failing to stop for police and possession of cannabis. The other was arrested on suspicion of dangerous driving and for being a pedestrian failing to stop when directed by a constable.

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Now, officers have been conducting enquiries in both Victoria Road and Fort Mews, Sandown. 6 units arrived at the first address shortly before midday before then re-locating to nearby Fort Mews.

Hampshire Constabulary have confirmed that the activity at both addresses forms part of their ongoing enquiries into the incident at Upton Cross.

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Opinions Matter

Hope this individual is found and punished if he did have anything to do with crashing into a police van. Another ferral cretin in our community.

Fred Nurke

Could it be that the police in the van were trying to block the car when they got hit?
Still wrong though.


Low life, charity kept trash. But I wonder IF the Police would be the same amount of ‘effort’ into trying to catch the missing trash, had they had ‘just’ hit any other persons car. Likely they would just give a crime number, tell you to claim on your insurance, and the only contact from them would be from some dappy ‘victim support’ call.
They should ensure that this filth is on their watch list forever, and pull them for every small offence until they are jailed, or hopefully in a box.


Did it really need six ‘units’ ?


Might have done, would you want to go into an unknown situation without back up? Could be a house full of druggies with weapons.

Martin Shoebridge

Probably… when they want to catch a ‘suspect’ all exit routes have to be covered…They don’t want him/her escaping again!

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