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“Have fun but keep the Island safe” — that’s the message from the Isle of Wight Council with the October half-term fast approaching.

With Halloween and Bonfire Night also on the horizon, the Council is urging everyone to stay safe and help protect themselves and others by continuing to follow Government guidance on COVID-19.

At the same time, it is reminding holidaymakers of the Island’s unique visitor charter that asks both visitors and residents to not only enjoy what the Island has to offer, but to protect our environment and respect our ask — #KeepTheIslandSafe.

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Council leader, Councillor Dave Stewart, has said he wants to reassure Islanders that the council and its partners are working together to encourage responsible tourism. He said:

“The October half-term will provide a welcome boost for our tourism and hospitality sector but it is important we remain vigilant towards our responsibilities of ‘hands-face-space’.

“Our tremendous location for a local holiday break means we can expect a busy couple of weeks. That is good and visitors are welcome, but everyone needs to appreciate why we have a relatively lower rate of infection here and help us to keep it that way. There is no room for complacency.

“Island hospitality businesses are well-prepared and if everyone follows the national guidance we can all enjoy a pleasant half-term on the Island.”

Simon Bryant, the council’s director of public health, said:

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“We want everyone to enjoy the half-term holiday but we still need to remember to social distance, wash our hands frequently, wear a face covering where required and to keep in line with the Rule of Six guidance.

“All these things are really important to prevent the spread of Covid and to #KeepOurIslandSafe.”

Will Myles, managing director at Visit Isle of Wight, has said the local tourism industry is looking forward to a busy October half-term:

“Attractions are open and there are plenty of events and activities for our visitors to enjoy.

“Visitors will understand that things are different at the moment, they will need to plan ahead, consider pre-booking and continue to keep to the ‘hands-face-space’ message — which the tourism industry and our thousands of visitors were so good at over the summer.

“It’s about a one Island approach and everyone working together for the protection of the community and the benefit of the local economic environment.”

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Karn Evil 9

And still the council are saying visit. No one from the high areas are going to take a blind bit of notice of the things you say, that’s why they come from areas that are high. Ridiculous council as usual.


“Look after the environment”. LOL. If only the council would do the same. No wonder it’s last on the list above.

Bugger Off!

What rubbish! Visitors are welcome – yeah right…ask the average island resident if holiday makers are welcome & they would tell them to p1ss off! There is a reason covid numbers are low over here & we want to keep it that way!

Level Phil

No they wouldn’t. They would respectfully ask them to stay away at the current time to help reduce the spread of this virus, and say that we hope to welcome you again soon.

Go Away...

Visitors are welcome…about as welcome as a turd in a swimming pool!


And all the delivery people etc. You know it makes sense!!!

Party of ten .

Half term ! They have just gone back after 6 months off .why are they having a holiday ?


Until one reads these nasty stupid comments, you come to the conclusion how ignorant some are on the island.

Karn Evil 9

Come on council, wake up, and read below.   Actual comment from a woman and a bloke walking pass where I work…   MAN: “I think the virus is going to get worse!”   WOMAN: “Well I don’t think so, but even if it does we’re OK because we are down here on the island now anyway.”   I guess someone will argue that that is the minority but Saturday was full arrogance and ignorance from the “entitled”, holidaymakers or 2nd homeowners, show some respect at least, but then again that’s why you come down to a “safe place” you… Read more »


Money before lives again, at some point after half term we will be back into another lockdown. Those people with other serious illness’s will be without treatment again.

Real Islander

Covid19, the cure for flu and the common cold, also responsible for the reduction of deaths from heart attacks, strokes, cancer, getting shot and hit by a bus. It even stopped someone from dying when his parachute didn’t open…

Bill Sandown

Three coach loads just arrived one from Liverpool, one from Manchester and one from Leicester what ever next

Level Phil

Probably a charabanc from Wales boyo, isn’t it. When will this useless government put an end to non-essential travel?

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