Sunday 26 May 2


367406596 273979708700825 5198184988607895391 NSouthern Vectis has revealed changes to its bus timetables as the Summer season kicks in, with the return of the Shanklin Shuttle and the Downs Breezer confirmed.

Islanders are being encouraged to review the amended timetables carefully before planning a journey, as a number of key routes will change from Sunday 26th May.

A key change is to the Route 5 timetable, between East Cowes and Newport. Thanks to a partnership with the Isle of Wight Council, the freqency has increased to every 15 minutes between Monday and Saturday.

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Other changes include:

Nightbus 1 (N1)
The last journey on Friday and Saturday nights runs 5 minutes later at 0340, so you can make a connection from N9 from Ryde.

Route 2 & 3
Journey times have changed on all days of the week to allow for summer traffic and the ongoing diversion between Shanklin and Ventnor on Route 3. Most route 2 journeys will now run 5 minutes later between Newport and Ryde – please check your times carefully.

Route 5
Frequency increases to every 15 minutes Monday to Saturday daytimes. There are changes to evening journeys on all days to improve reliability.

Route 7
An additional bus runs from Alum Bay at 2205 on Thursdays during August to enable you to return from the Fireworks event.

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Route 8
Extra buses will run between Newport and Sandown on Monday to Saturday daytimes until 31st August, plus minor timing changes.

Route 9
New early morning journey from Ryde to Newport at 0525 (via Staplers) on Mondays to Saturdays.

Route 12
Minor timing changes to improve reliability.

Shanklin Shuttle
Returns for the season. Daily timetable from 25th May to 28th September, with journeys now operating throughout the afternoons! (except Monday to Friday Schooldays between 2nd and 27th September only)

Downs Breezer
Returns for the season. Daily timetable from 25th May to 28th September. Please note the Downs Breezer will not operate 20h to 24th June 2024 during The Isle of Wight Festival.

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1 month ago

Yay for number 5! Now it will be easier to catch 9 at Wotton to access businesses at Staplers <3

1 month ago

Would have been nice to have the number 4 every half hour instead of hourly. People coming off the ferry very often need to get to Ryde.

30 days ago

SV can i ask you make the number 4 every half hour please? I never go to Newport for a meal and drinks but often do in the Wootton to Ryde area so once an hour is not good. I always end up paying for a taxi.

30 days ago

Bring back the Shanklin Pony and also the Islands Dotto Trains


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