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A large number of Sky Broadband customers on the Isle of Wight are without internet connection this morning (Tuesday).

Those living in the Newport and Cowes areas woke to find orange lights displaying on their router as a result of a network fault. Some residents in East Cowes have also reported a loss of connection, although Sky has not officially confirmed this.

It’s understood the outage, which is affecting both homes and businesses on Sky’s fibre service, developed during the early hours of this morning.

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Sky have alerted customers to say they are working on the issue and that it usually takes a couple of hours to fix. They apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Telephone connectivity is also unavailable as Sky uses voice over internet protocol (VOIP).

Isolated issues were also reported with Sky Broadband on the Island yesterday afternoon (Monday).

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Old bean

Who cares perhaps family’s will talk to each other now

What a silly old bean

Not if they can’t phone each other


internet is now seen as an essential service, in line with


This would not be the case if so much wasn’t being done online now.


In my case it meant less conversation because I could not work from home and had to go into work


Well when you rely on the internet to work from home your kind of screwed!

Grumpy old git

Should have gone to Wight Fibre

Paul Downer

Wight fibre never again


Really helpful thanks

Sue Russell

Can’t FaceTime so guess we could drive to visit grandparents/children via Barnard Castle!


Sounds like you were educated by the dodgy mainstream media, sad to notice how many people are so easily influenced by the brainwashing British media. I bet your the kind of person that believes everything you read in the gutter press, I bet you suck up everything you read on social media, you need to open up your mind and read between the lines. I expect you even believe in the polls during anything political, even though the vast majority of the public have never been contacted by any of them, engaged brain’s are far more informed than anything the… Read more »

Margaret Cameron

We are west Wight ours was down too


So what it’s not the end of the world!
It’s lovely day should be outside or at work!
Suppose it’s all the people on benefits complaining as usual.


We are still in lockdown and plenty of people are working from home or not as the case may be today. Just because people are moaning about not receiving the service they pay for dose not mean it is all the people on benefits. Many people have to be on benefits at the moment as their jobs are not there now. Before you start I have been working from 14 years old and I still get crap from shall we say upper crust Citizens for having a day off. Not only that not everyone works monday to friday 9 till… Read more »


You are a moron

Old bean

Dilligaf love your comments

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