30th Tt 34 (1 Of 1)[10216] Table Tennis (woman)
Undercliff Belters' Nicky Dando


Shanklin Warriors have been in action 3 times over the past fortnight, with 2 easy victories over Newport Vics B and Ryde Rivals, 10-0 and 8-2 respectively. 

However, there was nothing to choose between the 2 teams in their match against League leaders Ryde A. Shanklin’s Don Hobbs was involved in the 2 closest games of the night; his singles against player of the match Mark Turner, which Turner edged in the final set, and the doubles which Shanklin took in another 5-set thriller against Ryde’s Turner and teammate Lee Orton, which culminated in the match ending in a draw.

Ryde A also had an easy victory this week with a 10-0 victory over Ryde Rivals, with Lee Orton the player of the match, but their lead at the top of the table has been reduced to 7 points by Shanklin Warriors.

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As we head into the last few matches of the season, Ryde Royals lie in 3rd place and with games in hand.

Division 1 

Shanklin Warriors 5 Ryde A 5
Newport Vics B 1 Newport Vics A 9
Shanklin Warriors 8 Ryde Rivals 2
Newport Vics B 0 Shanklin Warriors 10
Ryde A 10 Ryde Rivals 0

The top 2 teams in Division 2 met in a long and exciting match as Shanklin Skuas looked to close the gap on leaders Havenstreet Locos. 

Havenstreet’s Graham Evans was on superb form and won all his games, whilst teammates Alan Hulbert and Mike Lee contested some tight games against Shanklin’s Spike Hughes, Elaine Mills and Tom Waddell. With a few 5 set thrillers, the match ultimately rested on the doubles, which ended in an easy victory for Havenstreet’s Lee and Evans over Shanklin’s Hughes and Mills, and the match ended 6-4 to Havenstreet, who have now extended their lead over Shanklin to 7 points, with 4 matches remaining before the end of the season.

Ryde Red Kites were involved in the 2 closest matches, against Ryde Relics and the Undercliff Belters.  In their match against the Relics, all rested on the doubles, with the Relics player of the match, Junior Lewis Johnstone, teaming up with Alan Burch to take an easy win and end the match in a draw.  The Red Kites contested an equally close match against Undercliff Belters, with game of the night between the Red Kite’s Trevor Jones and the Belter’s Nicky Dando, with Jones edging it in the 5th set.  Player of the match was the Belter’s Bryce Wilson who also teamed up with Dando for the doubles victory which culminated in this match also ending in a draw.

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Division 2       

St Lawrence Lizards 1 Shanklin Skuas 9
Ryde Relics 5 Ryde Red Kites 5
Undercliff Belters 2 Ryde Rascals 8
Ryde Rangers 0 Havenstreet Locos 10
St Lawrence Lizards 2 Ryde Relics 8
Havenstreet Locos 6 Shanklin Skuas 4
Ryde Red Kites 5 Undercliff Belters 5
Ryde Rascals 8 Ryde Rangers 2
Mike Lee[10215]
Mike Lee, Havenstreet Locos
Shorwell had a great week with a 10-0 victory over Ryde Regals, as they closed the gap on Newport Vics C who head the table, but with a 15-point lead. Vics look set to stay on top.  

Ryde Rookies are improving all the time, and in their match against the leaders Newport Vics, Juniors Ryan Cates and Zak Holbrook showed great character coming back from 2-0 down in the doubles to take the game in the final set against Chris Gordine and Paul Lewis, with the match ending 6-4 to Vics.

Division 3 

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Ryde Regals 3 Ryde Rookies 7
Shorwell A 10 Ryde Regals 0
Ryde Rustics 6 Ryde Rockets 4
Newport Vics C 6 Ryde Rookies 4
Ryde Rookies 7 Ryde Rockets 3

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