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Rigsby - Annecy
Andrew Rigsby

An Isle of Wight firearms expert – the former Royal Marine and Falklands Veteran Andy Rigsby – will appear in the Channel 4 documentary Murder in the Alps this evening (Tuesday).

Channel 4 describe the 3-part documentary, which began on Sunday, as: “the true crime tale of the killing of a British family in the French Alps. 10 years on and still unsolved, was it a crime of passion, family feud or political hit?”

The British-Iraqi Al-Hilli family were holidaying in the French Alps on 5th September 2012, when Saad al-Hilli and his wife Iqbal were shot twice in the head while sat in their BMW. Mother-in-law Suhaila al-Allaf was also executed in the same manner but daughters Zeena, then 7, and Zainab, then 4, both survived. A cyclist – Sylvian Mollier – was also killed at the scene of the crime.

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The bodies were discovered by Brett Martin – a British ex-RAF pilot, who is a resident in France – while he was out riding his bicycle. Brett Martin has provided Andy Rigsby with an in-depth interview.

The truth surrounding the incident is unknown: all the young girls could remember was a lone motorcyclist carrying out the attack.

Various theories have been advanced as to why the killing happened, but Andy Rigsby believes it was a lone wolf random killing.

Andy told Island Echo:

“Having investigated closely, I see no evidence of a targeted hit. If it was planned, why do it in a random location and not outside Saad al-Hilli’s home or workplace?

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“We like to make sense of the world and believe that things happen according to a plan. But this was a completely random killing that would only make sense to the person that did it.”

Ex-French Foreign Legion soldier Patrice Menegaldo – who suffered from PTSD issues and lived locally – has been positioned high on the list of suspects since his suicide in June 2014.

Andy will appear in the 3rd part of the documentary Murder in the Alps which will be screened by Channel 4 at 21:00 on Tuesday evening.

Video below: Sky News report of the killing.

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Dr. Jollop
Dr. Jollop
1 month ago

Great local news IE.
I must watch that……


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