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A main road in Cowes has re-opened following a serious road traffic collision overnight.

Emergency services were called to Newport Road, close to Somerton Roundabout, shortly before 03:30 this morning (Saturday).

Island Echo understands a black Audi collided head-on into a tree at the side of the carriageway, resulting in debris being scattered across the road.

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Multiple appliances from the Isle of Wight Fire and Rescue Service were mobilised to the scene alongside paramedics from the Isle of Wight Ambulance Service.

The road was under a hard closure for several hours but has now been re-opened by Island Roads following clearance of the wreckage and an oil spillage.

UPDATE @ 09:40 – It has been confirmed that 3 people were injured in the single vehicle collision, which happened at just gone 03:00.

1 person sustained serious, but not life-threatening injures in the incident, with 2 others sustaining minor injuries.

All 3 were conveyed to St Mary’s Hospital for treatment.

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The Audi is said to have left the road and crashed into the tree after coming around the roundabout – from the Newport direction.

The investigation into the circumstances on the incident is ongoing. No arrests have been made.

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That’s it then, all trees, lamp posts, signs and bridges are a safety hazard. They all must be removed. It would be easier than moving poor drivers.


They hit a tree only because they missed the reduce speed now sign

Eve Shipman

This is getting to be as good as a Sunday afternoon banger racing event. The whole Island is looking like one great big “Destruction Derby” lately.
Would the participants please post details of forthcoming events so we can all sit at the roadside for a ringside view, please?

Ed Down

More bad Audis on the Isle of Wight


The tree was clearly at fault here, it was driving on the wrong side of the road and the poor human driver of the car, probably had to swerve several times before they hit the tree.
i do hope they breathalyse this wreckless tree and consider asking it to attend a human being sensitivity and awareness course, due to the fact that it has remained standing at the scene, with an arrogant disregard for the driver of the car and hasn’t had the decency to give a statement.


Give it to lunch time and there will be another tree getting arrested

Wasp Star

This may not be poplar with yew but I pine for the days when offenders got the birch.

Just Sayin’

Audi managed to do dat.


People buy Audi’s because they are very powerful, the end result is inevitable with some so called drivers….

Martin Shoebridge

Car of choice for drug dealers….


What a pathetic comment

Tim C

Now you mention it my Dr does have one of those!


Does the teacher at Haylands?

Bing Bong

Only because they can’t afford a Bentley lmao

Old Mike

The tree always comes off best!


Must be that Audi vorsprung DORK technik




Probably didn’t slow down at the roundabout like a lot inconsiderate so called drivers this roundabout is notorious for this.


Audi manage that

Non judgemental

We really all have to be carful all the trees,signposts,other street furniture dose have a habit of jumping out in front of vehicles

karen dilk

so someone is seriously injured and most of these comments are making jokes about the crash !!! what is wrong with people !!


It’s their own fault speeding/ drug or drinks possibly all three!


I once saw a 1960’s film where trees could suddenly waddle. Since living on the Isle of Wight
i now know that it was not fiction and they are attracted by morons where the island has plenty.

Fred Nurke

The Day of the Triffids, book by John Wyndham. Film made of the story in 1962, remakes since then.
Essentially, strange lights from space cause a global pandemic of blindness, then giant, mobile, carnivorous plants start picking off the population. The few unaffected people then start a new community on the Isle of Wight.
Does any of this fit with the current situation? Has the book come to life?

mezz james

i dont live on the island anymore but in 18months plan to move back it was drink driver or junkies in the audi most likly stolen


Night mare on elm tree


Black a3 with dark black tinted windows I’ve seen driving like a twat quite a bit lately around Newport ? Wonder if same car !


This one probably not phone related

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