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Rwr Posters Comms Approved (1)[14684]Remembering with Ribbons – a special event for Islanders to remember their loved ones – is returning to Mountbatten this Summer during the months of July and August.

A launch event open to anyone will be held at Mountbatten in Newport tomorrow (Friday) at 16:00. This provides an opportunity for people to leave colourful tributes for a person dear to them in Mountbatten’s Chelsea Garden. Music, drinks, and canapes and support from Mountbatten’s bereavement team will be available.

The ribbons can be personalised and are free for anyone to display. However, if people wish to leave a donation, they will receive a special ribbon pack to personalise their dedication. Anyone who donates to place a ribbon will be helping Mountbatten support other Islanders who are bereaved or who need expert care.

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Mountbatten CEO Nigel Hartley has said:

“We are delighted to bring back Remembering with Ribbons this summer. Remembering is an important part of our Mountbatten strapline – living, dying, remembering.

“This is a really special event because it can feel very personal, but it also brings people together to remember.”

Donations can be placed online or by calling Mountbatten’s fundraising team on 01983 217300.

For further information about Remembering with Ribbons, visit mountbatten.org.uk.

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