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All Red Funnel services between the Isle of Wight and Southampton have been suspended until further notice due to the adverse weather conditions on the Solent this afternoon (Tuesday).

The cross-Solent operator has confirmed that both the vehicle ferry from East Cowes and the Red Jet from Cowes have been pulled from service.

It is expected that both services will remain suspended until 19:30, with an update to be provided at 19:00 this evening.

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The cancellation of services is expected to have a knock-on effect to those travelling to and from the Island for the rest of the day.

UPDATE @ 20:20 – Red Funnel’s vehicle ferry service has now resumed after more than 4 hours.

The hi-speed Red Jet Service is expected to resume around 21:00.

UPDATE @ 21:30 – Red Jet services have now returned to timetable.

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Don’t worry… our useless MP will probably write another letter to them about it, which helps no one! Or he could get the fixed link viability study done?? But I think we all know he won’t do that either! The only way to stop this is to donate to the viability study, & get us a 21st century way of getting on & off! Anyone who moans about the fixed link… let’s hear your solution to this, because according to scientists, the weather will get worse! solentfreedomtunnel.co.uk


Move to the mainland then! Simple!

Tony Coombes

You want a fixed link then move off island as that’s idea of island.

Tony tollbridge

What a brainless answer


There is an easy answer to the fixed linked supporters. Move ! Solution? Bridge…probably closed due to high winds.
Tunnel… entry and exit points? Infrastructure!
The decision is not the islands alone!
Where on the island can the roads accomodate extra traffic for tourists that come to visit but don’t stay because nowhere to park.
Pipe dream about convenience that would come back to bite!!

Old bean

Ken 100 percent boats need a kick up the arse but fix link NO it will ruin this island it really will


Fixed link you’re having a laugh bet in this weather you wouldn’t even walk to visit your neighbours in case you got wet

Jinx Monsoon

So Ken obviously isn’t Health and Safety conscious and beside the the link bridge would have to be high and like the Severn bridge in high winds it would close oh and don’t forget a tunnel could flood.
I personally would rather be safe so well done Red Funnel and Wightlink for being safety aware


They have let people on the car ferry it is crowded but there has been NO communication.
Nobody seems to know if / when it may sail.
They really need to keep people updated. No arrangements for people who will be off loaded in East Cowes. A lot of moaning, not about the weather but Red Funnels lack of action.


Fixed link the sooner the better!

Don't tell him pike.

Who knew you got rough weather in the winter .

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