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The pursuit of a car has come to an end on Playstreet Lane near Binstead after winding through the busy streets of Ryde this afternoon (Monday). 

Police attempted to stop the silver Ford Focus on Monkton Street shortly before 15:30 but the driver failed to pull over.

During the pursuit the suspect vehicle is said to have collided with temporary roadworks at St John’s, narrowly missing a pedestrian. It is also reported that the vehicle travelled the wrong way down a number of one-way streets.

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The chase has now ended on a narrow bridleway at Dame Anthony’s Common.

Dogs have now been called in to search the area in the hope of tracking down the wanted driver, but the vast woodland has multiple exits.

UPDATE @ 17:35 – The uninsured and untaxed Ford Focus has come to a stop at a narrow bridge at the bottom of Playstreet Lane, near the cow field.

The driver has escaped into the woods and has avoided arrest.

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Recovery of the vehicle has been arranged but is expected to take sometime.

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More low life again

philip wheeler

from shanklin me thinks

John Hetherington

Hope that catch the moron!


Does the car not have a registration so the police can identify the driver?, this Island is becoming more like big cities when it comes to crime.

It’s a worrying time, knowing we have so much grubby filthy scum living among us on this Island.


Untaxed uninsured they won’t have any driver details probably not registered either


I’m sure the police hadn’t thought of this!

L Thomson


Martin (Ryde)

The criminal courts and magistrates need to start handing out tougher sentences, these people who have no regard others really dont care because there is no deterrent at the end of the legal process.

Miss Nursey

All I can hear today is screechy motorbikes & boy racers, boy do they spoil the place, imagine life without them it would be sheer bliss !

Roger everyone

Island pensioners out joyriding again!

Joe Bloggs

More like a young twerp.


The Police should drag it out, and break it’s jaw using a baton, saying it resisted arrest. Language it will understand. For it would think nothing of crippling an innocent pedestrian or other driver caught up in its days ‘fun’ to boast about to other low life.

Don’t ‘wait’ for it to cripple someone, deal with such filth NOW.


it break jaw filth lying on oath potentially No i dont want to live in such a country. Two wrongs do not make a right.


Have to find it first! I would say 50/50.

Inbred iowter

The registered owner will say they recently sold it or it was stolen earlier and their phone was out of power so they could not report it it’s like a litany said many times before

Scrap my car Isle of Wight

The car was recently for sale for spares repair, we got offered it for scrap but the owner wanted too much for it, in cases like this the owners end up selling to people with no license that just want it for a joy ride and things like this happen, if people scrapped cars properly over here wouldn’t get so much of this happening

r bet

must be stupid to go down a dead end road


Dump and run


no – intentionally drove there – if you know that area, then you will be aware that getting to that bridge, dumping the car and running across the next field in a few minutes, brings you out onto the road opposite the entrance to the old brickfields equestrian centre..from there, hang a right and walk back to wards the main road and a bus stop.

Brian Filmore

No buses yesterday


yes there were some buses – anyhow, nothing to say the character didn’t live in havenstreet, which is a left turn and keep walking!

Darren Street

CRUSH THE CAR.. As for the driver, shame on you putting innocent folk at risk.

Ivor hardy

And people say a fixed link will bring crime to the island. Stop burying your heads in the sand and wake up. The crime is already here and rising year on year

Dave Manning

Bring on the fixed link more like 🙂


I hope the police dog is trained to bite the culprit’s bollocks very tenaciously once he is caught – assuming the culprit is indeed a chap and not a woman

Jonny m

Seen that car about passed me in Fishbourne the other morning

Jonny m

Seen that car about passed me in fishbourne the a couple of mornings ago


How silly can you be to do that. Also if the police were in pursuit how did this clown get away from our bright bobbies. Come on guys rally round and help fix our community

Dave Manning

The police should have guns as standard issue in the U.K.
They could shoot the tyres at first then maybe Aim slightly higher 🙂


Got away and had time to hide any contraband they may have been carrying. A lot of Police chases recently this one through residential streets in Ryde is there a change in tactics? If so, I understand the island does have a drug problem and crime must be stamped out but just hope nobody gets hurt or killed in the process Police, Criminal or Public.


Jay Ryde does have a serious drug growing problem, even the outskirts in quiet residential roads having so called professional classes growing in their garage, proves to me, that it is so profitable and the risk of being caught deemed so low, that someone would risk a well paid job and shame on their family of young children to make ‘easy’ money now. To me, it is a serious concern when someone paid to teach our children, someone they should respect resorts to such, then you know the problem is out of control and not just a few housing association… Read more »


Have you evidence of professional class people growing drugs in their garages or are you just thinking that?


It is fact.


So many judgy people what happend to be kind. I forgot people of the lower classes are the only ones who commit crimes.

Mary Jamerson

I wonders if the drivers statalite navigation wasn’t working right. Bert borrowed Jasons, when we drove on the mainland once to see Betty daughters new born. We got in a right muddle and it started talking in a foreign language even though we was still in england . Bert had his AA maps in the boot so we used them. My eyesight not to good but made it eventaully but had a few moments and beeps.


Should you be driving then if you can’t see I don’t think islanders should be let loose driving on the mainland they struggle on the island

Mary Jamerson

No love, I never drive over there, Bert drives, I reads the map but with bad eyes had a few bad turns and a little abusive drivers, but got there and back ok.

Pat kennedy

I sold this car before lockdown on the understanding it had to be used for scrap as it was a mot failure , never thought I would see it again I loved that car and to think it was driven by a manic risking peoples lifes makes me feel sad and angry, I know who bought it and their address so I’m reporting it


well done pat – for being upfront – the police can easily track down the individual you sold it to and then say

either tell us who was driving, who you sold it on to, or we charge you with the crime.

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