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More than 200 men attended a prostate cancer screening session in Cowes on Saturday (26th September) at an event organised by the Isle of Wight Prostate Cancer Support Group.

Blood samples were taken by a team of phlebotomists in COVID-secure conditions and couriered to the mainland to be tested for traces of Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA).

An increased level of PSA – a protein produced by both cancerous and non-cancerous tissue in the prostate – can be an early sign of cancer. The screening allows people to be alerted to the risk at an early stage so they can seek further tests from their GP.

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The Isle of Wight Prostate Cancer Support Group provides non-medical support to Island prostate cancer patients, their families and carers. It provides information on the different treatment pathways available and information on patient travel. It also hosts monthly meetings and social events – now mainly taking place online via Zoom due to the pandemic.

The support charity receives help from a number of other charities including the Isle of Wight Freemasons, who donated their hall in Cowes free of charge for the testing sessions. Wightlink also helps with the transfer of blood samples to the mainland following PSA screening sessions.

Blood samples ready to be couriered to the mainland. L-R: Paul Davies (Group Volunteer) and Alan Taylor (Group Chairman)

Alan Taylor from the Isle of Wight Prostate Cancer Support Group said:

“It was certainly a challenge to organise the screening event during the pandemic due to all the extra precautions we had to take to keep everyone safe, but it was a challenge we were happy to rise to as we know that spotting the early signs of prostate cancer gives men the best chance of a full recovery.

“We would like to thank all our supporters and volunteers who made the screening event possible and to those who chose to get tested, we understand what a big step that can be for men and their families.”

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Stuart James, Wightlink’s Marketing and Innovations Director, said:

“The Isle of Wight Prostate Cancer Support Group is undertaking really important work on the Island to support men affected by the disease and we are proud to help the group with cross Solent travel.”

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Shame this wasnt better publicised as I would have attended, especially since it is now impossible to get a doctors appointment to arrange a blood test for this, even with the symptoms I have.
Shame on you Cowes medical centre.

Tim C

First I’m hearing too.


A prostate test is a finger up the bum hole.


No it’s not. That is a prostate exam. This is a blood test. I have had the prostrate exam. No problem at all. And if you wish to laugh then all I can say is “well done, you’ve just discouraged someone from going to see their doctor when they should.”


There are around 11,700 prostate cancer deaths in the UK every year, that’s 32 every day (2015-2017)   852 women die of cervical cancer in the UK every year, (2015-2017)   Guess which one gets the most funding? Guess who can get checked from an early age? Guess who will not get their first check till they are 50?   That is the kind of equality they do not wish to address. I did not know about this event and I did not know a simple blood test can detect it.   Time for men to stand up and demand… Read more »




So no point in moaning about Cowes Medical Centre. In May I thought it was time for a PSA test so dropped a letter in their post box asking for one. 2 days later received by post the paperwork to take to St Mary’s for the blood test. Went into St Mary’s, no queues, had blood taken and called the Medical Centre a week later and got the results. Not much difficult about that!

General Lee.

When I first asked my doctor for a psa test ,he refused as I had no symptoms .that’s when I discovered these guys .I now book a test with them every year. This is my second year .

General Lee.

This is the second year I have been to one of these events .if you go to their website .you can see upcoming events. And book a space .

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