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Police have caught, charged and put a man before Magistrates today (Monday) after he was caught stealing 5 bottles of Ariel washing gel in Newport.

Paul Smart, 33, of Carisbrooke Road, Newport, was apprehended first thing this morning stealing from the Co-Op on Pyle Street by neighbourhood police officers. He has been described as a prolific offender.

He was swiftly taken to the cells at nearby Newport Police Station and charged with theft. He was remanded in custody until this afternoon when he appeared at the Isle of Wight Magistrates Court.

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Magistrates didn’t look favourably on this latest offence and activated a 4-month suspended sentence handed down for a previous offence, meaning Smart will be behind bars over the Christmas period and into 2020.

Police have taken to Twitter to say that another prolific offender is off the streets thanks to Operation Donkey and the local Neighbourhood Policing Team.

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Cheryl Flowers

Maybe he wanted to be in prison over Xmas. Fed/ clean linen / heating etc. Lol!

Sad society observer

So he finally got somewhere warm to go over Xmas.


Well he will be warm, and have three meals a day including a Christmas Dinner and avail himself with the communal facilities in the recreation room . All paid for by the Tax Payer .

Sad society observer

Yes Terry…..if there’s any tax money left after MP’s and councillors have had their fill! And a happy Xmas to you.

Zack Zuck

One way to escape being with the inlaws at Christmas lol

Just Saying

So he is being Cilit Banged up for Christmas.

Az-zahra Aziz

Surprised he never made a clean getaway. Such low life really needs execution and body parts used for useful people.


And yet a man attempts to use a credit card, which is not his, to pay for goods in an ironmongers’ shop in Ventnor, thereby committing attempt to defraud, and the poor constable who presents himself following a citizen’s arrest has been instructed not to arrest or pursue the matter as the sum involved was only £4.50p. If one owed that amount to the council for their highly suspicious tax on living then one would be most certainly nicked, processed and ultimately imprisoned if one failed to pay.


Thank goodness for that – thankfully we can sleep safely in our beds tonight! Absolute joke!

Conscientious objector to it

Operation Donkey….
Yes, the law is an ass!

Take note of how many ‘1st -time’, white collar fraudsters, DON’T go to prison.

Not forgetting the wholesale unregulated and undetected fraud that goes on in the financial industry in general, including ‘insider’ share-dealing.

>> Conscientious objector to a society that stinks! <<

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