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Construction work on the brand new 100-bed Premier Inn hotel in Sandown has been stopped amid the coronavirus crisis.

In light of government advice regarding social distancing and to protect the health and safety of workers and neighbours, Premier Inn and Carter Lauren have taken the decision to temporarily stop work on the Esplanade site.

The site was closed down yesterday (Wednesday) but security guards are in place 24/7 to ensure the site is safe and secure.

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The hotel was originally set to open in Spring 2020 but that was pushed back to Summer 2020. With the coronavirus situation continuing and work completely stopped, it is currently unclear when the hotel will now open.

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Old bean

100 bed hotel with no parking anyway who cares


Likely end up being just a hostel for the nere do wells and those ‘escaping’ poverty but bringing such to our shores as their numbers expand to unmanageable levels.

Holiday businesses ruined for the foreseeable, so the only growing demand for accommodation, being from those ever arriving impoverished who rarely are without child, ensuring time will make such worse, not better.

Still our council tax will fund such ‘takers’ so nice it isn’t being wasted on our own desperately needy now.

Old bean

Well said Seay

George Yellowlees

You all moan now but when it gives jobs to our kids and others will you still keep on moaning.
The biggest company in the hospitality business in Europe chose our Island SO YOU ALL KNOW BETTER!!!!!!!!!!! ??? Think on!}


They never looked into the Crystal ball when buying the site. CV will change the world, the UK and Island forever. Poverty like we have not seen since war days will hit us hard. Meals out will be as they used to be for the poor, just for Birthdays and special treats, not a weekly thing. A person working twenty hours then claiming the rest via Universal credit, and having most or all of their rent and council tax paid, will cease. So will two cars in working class families for most. NHS won’t be able to afford to treat… Read more »

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