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Police from across the Island have responded to Shanklin Train Station tonight (Sunday) in response to an officer reporting to be in trouble.

At just before 21:30, a local officer dealing with a group of intoxicated individuals declared a ‘red button’ emergency.

7 units rushed to their colleague’s aid including 3 vehicles from Ryde, 2 from Newport and 2 from elsewhere.

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Residents in the area of Atherley Road were alerted to the high Police presence, sparking concern as to what was taking place with both an Armed Response Vehicle and a Dog U it on scene.

Thankfully no one has been injured in the incident at the train station, which has already been resolved.

It is thought at least 1 arrest has taken place.

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There’s always drunks up the station on the little bench,staff knows it goes on,but turn a blind eye,were told. Mainly oversea residents .

William Dunnet

If you know it’s a problem why not call the police yourself?

Old bean

Shanklin idiots having to many shandy’s wasting emergency services time hope they get punished in the courts are we surprised this is shanklin (dump)


Shanklin like any other part of the Island is a lovely town, unfortunately like anywhere else there are some undesirables that have no idea how lucky they are to live in such a lovely place.

Sad that these individuals make life a misery for everyone else.

David ford

Nothing wrong with Shanklin old bean it’s just the youngsters showing off we are all not like that

Sue Salter

Shanklin a dump!!! are you kidding!! you need to go to the mainland and see what people in Portsmouth live in because you obviously have no idea how bad some areas are.


None of them were from Shanklin actually


None of them from Shanklin

Opinions Matter

Why do people have to behave in this way? They know the current situation so why drink so much that police were needed. Mindless, selfish idiots. The courts need to hand out tough sentences to scum who behave like this. It might, just might deter others!


100% absolute ban on alcohol and cigarette sales in South Africa. Sorted.


Punishing the majority because of the minority is knee jerk nanny state thinking.

Peter Card

With the lockdown going on for a longtime now it’s hard for everybody, I am retired,but feel sorry for the youngsters maybe off work and nearly everything shut, I have seen several people drinking just outside Shanklin Station over the years, but it’s no excuse for anti social behaviour, we are all unit together.


Yet, when the couple down road were having their garage broke into, it was 2 hours before a single copper turned up after they made a 999 call.


I would suggest that a single police officer being attacked by a group of drunks was more urgent than a fictitious garage being broken in to.


Who said he was being attacked


Hey was, take it from someone that saw the whole thing start to finish


3 out of the 5 surrounding the officer who was dealing with the other resisting arrest, a potential attack especially the way they were all behaving


There’s always drinkers in and around the station, no one seems to take any notice, normally around the bench that was recently put in, mainly over sea comrades.


We are, it seems, ONLY allowed to highlight the ‘good’ that overseas people do. Never the bad, for that is kept as low key as possible. Then it makes people feel safer, when we know that many living amongst such are far from it. Hopefully as our own people become unemployed, the silver lining of that cloud will be less of such will be imported. Problem being, many don’t arrive legally and with no background checks, heaven knows what new experiences many floating over will bring to our shores. We have more than enough of our own trash without importing… Read more »


Get a local by-law introduced prohibiting drinking alcohol around the station…sorted.


If you extend the railway, You can have more of them drunk people at other stations.


Not much change in Ventnor then.


This Pro lem has been around for a long time….. Since lockdown this behaviour has become all the more evident that for a small Island we have a big problem…. The Police do what they can… They are as frustrated as are the Public… It is the responsibility of the magistrates…. Not the Police to administer the appropriate punishments


Anon, as warder in jails are supposed to help those who are willing to be helped to rehabilitate and not be ‘there’ to punish the inmates, (though God knows it must be hard to resist in many cases), then our Police should be doing the same to the public to gain their much needed support. Years ago the local Police were known people, and if a light was out on your car, or even if speeding a little over the top, Police would often warn you, instead of as now, know that if they issue a fine then that will… Read more »

BeingMatey doesn't work

I disagree. The police do what they want, not what they can. If they nipped these things in the bud instead of being all ‘matey’ and palsy then the dross who start with the little crimes then might think twice about bigger crimes.
It’s not rocket science.
But no, things are left and left and then something like this happens.

And how did it happen anyway? Just keep the car door locked……..

Hit law breakers harder

I agree with Anon. The courts are letting the Police down and the courts are also in turn shackled by government with regard to maximum sentences and sentencing guidelines.
The police can only be effective if repeat offenders and defiant arrogant law breakers are taken out of circulation for a while.Police resources are wasted on a few persistent repeat offenders who do not respect the law.
Only a custodial sentence is appropriate after they ignore fines and community service. They don’t pay the fines anyway in many cases.

Lee Dickins

Yeahh I walked past them yesterday smashing things up they were and in a drunken state they should be ashamed of them selfs kids these days need to learn some respect . I bet there parents are well proud of them talk about dragged up not brought up !


Their parents probably don’t give a monkeys. Children should learn respect from their parents but if their parents don’t have it (and weren’t brought up with it), not much chance. Days of getting punished by your Dad and getting grounded probably laughable for many now. More likely to smoke a joint with you now.


This was older teenagers. Islanders. Not the usual guys. Was 3 then others turned up hence the alarm. Don’t be so quick to judge. Although they’re all a problem right now but the homeless have nothing to lose so maybe more volatile.


Ban drinking outside in public places… not just say it.. do it6.. and raise the fines… or time served.. community service, cleaning up their mess and other places similar..

Peter A

It is a railway station.

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