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Police on the Isle of Wight have been carrying out stop checks on vehicles in Newport tonight (Thursday) to ensure Islanders are complying with Government instructions.

Officers PS Winchester, PC Ball and PC Green from C relief have been located on Parkhurst Road speaking to motorists passing St Mary’s Hospital between Newport and Cowes.

The purpose of the checks is to ensure the welfare of drivers and their compliance with Government instructions to stay at home.

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The message is clear – only travel if your journey is essential.

As reported by Island Echo earlier tonight, Police now have powers to issue fines of £60 and could even arrest individuals who fail to comply.

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Very proud of what our emergency services are achieving, so this is more of an observational note than criticism. This is the 2nd police stop photo I’ve seen on island echo (the other one was Ryde a few days ago) where when questioning said person/s, the officer has been well within the 2meter social distancing recommended by our government with no Ppe.

Opinions Matter

Good thing. Stay safe wishes to all our frontline police officers, ambulance, firemen/firewomen, NHS staff and carers. Stay indoors everyone, yes, everyone, the rules apply to all

Follow the rules

Are police officers exempt from the 2 metre social distancing rule? – The pictures on this story would suggest so.

Jan in Aus

That’s nit picking follow the rules

Follow the rules

Why is it “nit picking”? Is it one set of rules for the police and another for the rest of us? I appreciate they have a difficult job to do and there are idiots not observing the government advice out there but they would do better by leading by example rather than thinking they above the rules which seems to happen more oftern than not.

Mrs c

What a totally moronic comment to make. You think they want to be working? You think they want to be on the front line in the very serious situation? You think they want to catch this whilst trying to protect imbiciles like you? No! They are doing all they can because they have to and because they are good people.
Stop throwing judgement and blame and start counting your blessings you are in a county that is putting your best interests at heart.


Need to get down at st George’s way!

Joe Soap

It’s good to see the police doing this – human beings can act remarkably irresponsibly out of fear or stupidity, but hey lads – (and lasses) keep 2 metres from the car!

STAY IN – PROTECT THE NHS – SAVE LIVES (it could be yours…)

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