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A plane has been intercepted by Police at Bembridge Airport this afternoon (Wednesday) as part of an international Border Force operation.

Officers raced to the East Wight airport shortly before 15:00 when Border Force officials requested assistance with intercepting a light aircraft inbound from Europe.

Island Echo understands the plane arrived at Bembridge from Groningen Airport Eelde in The Netherlands.

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3 men have been detained and the aircraft has been surrounded whilst local Police await the arrival of the UK’s Border Force, who are said to be travelling to the Isle of Wight via the Wightlink ferry.

UPDATE @ 16:54 – Police have confirmed that 3 males and a plane have been detained under Section 23 of the Misuse of Drugs Act.

However, Border Force officers have attended Bembridge Airport and the detained individuals have been let on their way.

The plane, G-BYDY, has been cleared for take-off and has departed the airport. It is now heading towards Somerset.

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Maybe they were dropping off illegal E Scooters


E scooters are not illegal when they are part of a trial, such as proposed here.

Joe mama

It’s a joke calm ur horeses

The oracle

Idiot. Anything is illegal if used in the wrong way.

The oracle

Cyclists also behave in an illegal manner. Horser riders and pedestrians take priority on bridleways, footpaths and pavements. Also, they are a nuisance on the roads. E scooters will become yet another pain in the backside to the general public.


They all need insurance!….

Debby Jones

And Tax and MOT

The oracle

Might be a good idea to replace the planned unwanted motor cycle racing next October with Escooter racing. No pollution, no noise, no disruption and more acceptable to Island residents.


Where did that come from? 😀 E Scooters? did I miss something? 😀


Well if the police are awaiting the arrival of the border force agency via Wightlink I hope they have their umbrellas and their tents because surely they’ll be waiting there a while….. Needless to say if Wightlink get a sniff of the desperation of the Border force officers needing to travel to the island they will inflate the prices to £120 a ticket return/supply and demand ,,


I thought £120 was the lower rate for a day return, or am I getting mixed up with single passenger crossing.


border force have their on boats



Peter Attrill

It’s good to know that Border Force don’t normally have a presence on the Island. Makes you feel safe and secure.

Big pete

Yes! Get them to the island to patrol our coast like for machete wielding, drug using, benefit stealing migrants on their voyage for safety!


I would like to know why all the far lefties are not protesting against the beheading that happened in France last week?????

Lady Dunstanding

Because secretly they know that when some people are the ‘minority’ in a nation they scream for human rights which certain, so called liberal, folk insist upon. When that ‘minority’ becomes the majority then nobody has rights. This scares them witless and they are trying to keep in with people more likely to behead them than they are me.


Because they support it. Haven’t you seen what far-left nutjobs are like?


You would think there would be a small border force group stationed on the Island the amount of times they are spending here lol


I wonder if someone was hoping to avoid two week lock down buy landing here? Or maybe just screwed up their paperwork. Either way could be in a bit of trouble. I would have thought if it was all above board that would have been dealt without the show. Maybe making a point too? Hope to get a follow up. Not the usual story. 🙂


Were they dropping off parts for the floating bridge to save using a push boat or was there
a little thank you for the council in their suitcases.


Nice to know someone’s ‘watching’, tho this lot apparently innocent. Be interesting to know what initiated the action.

Martin Shoebridge

International co-operation….

The Artful Dodger

So A non story then

Steven Willet

Just ‘had’ to be, didn’t it.


Dummy run, as foe escootervtrials over here it’s more than likely that someone from the island is behind it.


As they have been released and the plane has gone I assume false alarm? Or they got lucky nothing found?

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