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A petition has been launched to allow Moto X IOW to continue using a track near Brighstone after a temporary stop notice was issued by the Isle of Wight Council.

Officials have ordered organisers of practice days on the newly-created track to cease operations with immediate effect due to noise complaints from neighbouring residents.

The motocross practice facility can be lawfully used for up to 28 days per calendar year, but the Council have deemed activities as ‘unauthorised’. Under the Town and Country Planning General Permitted Development Order, landowners are allowed to use their land for up to 28 days for motorsport; if these are timed races, this is reduced to 14 days per calendar year.

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Noise mitigation, access and planning issues have all been highlighted in the Council’s report, despite the site operating within legal guidelines and those of the MC Federation with which the club and track are affiliated.

The land continues to be used for agricultural purposes and despite being in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, there are no blanket bans on motorsports in these areas. Sport England advise that it should only be restricted when it conflicts with the primary use of the land.

The local community desperately needs this regulated facility. It helps to stop illegal riding on downland and privately owned fields, provides a safe and regulated environment and is located in a sparsely populated, rural area.

Moto X IOW was due to begin a programme for children and young adults in the care system, offering free use of bikes, quads, track and equipment, which has been greatly anticipated by children’s Services and other organisations. However, this has all been brought to a grinding halt.

A spokesperson for the club has said:

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“We are currently in talks with the planning authority, highlighting the many positive effects the track facility will have on the community and environment.

“With the announcement of the Diamond Racing event in the local area, we are encouraged that the Isle of Wight Council can see the value and enjoyment that motorsports could bring to the Island community. MotoxIOW offers long term benefits for locals and there appears to be significant demand and support for the track.

“We would encourage anyone who would like to show their support to sign our petition, and wish to thank all those who have already done so.”

Over 1,800 signatures have been collected to date. You can support the petition by visiting

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Inbred iowter

What is wrong with these people ,complaints by residents ,oh dear bet your ride on lawn mowers make just as much noise arrogant spoilsports

Karn Evil 9

Good result.


I take it that your not into motorsports and people not enjoying themselves then. What do you like in your spare time ? Have you done anything now or in you younger days that gives you an adrenaline rush ? Chill out and live the life it’s a one way trip I’m afraid.

Karn Evil 9

One way trip indeed. Just depends on how you want to end this one way trip I think. I’m chilled. Are you?

Evil 666

You seem lost my evil friend


I’m remarkably chilled at virtually all times thank you. Strange to post ‘ how you want to end it’. Still your opinion not mine.


I could understand their frustration if the track was open everyday, however it’s open every other Saturday for 6 hours and they’re still complaining. It’s the same people who complain about how bad the youth of the island are yet when something comes along for them to do and enjoy they get that shut down. Posh twats need to get out their own a**e.

Tim C

Such a shame. These are the sorts of things that are so beneficial to so many people. You hear complaints that there’s nothing to do for young people on the island and here is a great activity that will give them focus and enthusiasm for something other than getting in trouble. Not to mention the children and young adults in the care system. Lets encourage youth to take up hobbies and go on to be champions in their sport rather than shutting it down and offering no alternative. The Arraton motorcross track was part of the world championships and praised… Read more »


It’s Arreton all over again! Just a few ignorant and selfish residents don’t want to share all that the Island has to offer, and care nothing for everyone else. I bet they call themselves Christians too, and attend all the local meetings to ‘support’ their area but in actual fact they are an un-christian bunch of moaners, and there are plenty of puffed up self important moaners on our councils who will bend over backwards for friends and family, but not for anyone they consider ‘beneath’ their social standing.


The old miserable gits would moan if the birds were tweeting to loud probably ring 101 to complain. oh and don’t forget our lovely DFL’ s who have seconds homes there who get thier own way with a quick behind the back brown envolope to the local mp Councillor. These old busy bodies are ripping everything away from the young ones on the island so when kids have nothing to do they hang around. So busy bodies ring police so it’s a no win for young kids on the island.

Last edited 1 month ago by Andrew

Was disappointed when the world class one at arreton was blocked. If you want this to go ahead then go to the petition site given. The more the better. Don’t let the selfish people win. Another great event to hilite the island. This is for young and old.

Miss Angry

Do what they did at Arreton and build a stinky bio mass plant there, that’ll teach them a lesson


It’s always the same remember the protest when they wanted to open the kart track in they have to admit it’s not a problem the default position on the island is always no.young people need things to do or crime will get worse.


I would like to point out some of the many advantages of a island motorcross track,having owned a bike myself for many years,my son also owed a bike which he worked very hard for cleaning a local garage,so he could afford to ride teaching him the value of money keeping him out of trouble,fit , and many friends for life,whole family’s would turn up for very well organised events ,my son left school along with his many rider friends who have all been in full time jobs , as motorcross is a very disaplined sport ,I cannot believe that people… Read more »


I really dont get it. People go on about pollution and noise and yet 95% of leisure Yachts have polluting diesel engines and no one says a word when they are in and out of our harbours and coastline 24/7 .
Keep the motocross and give the young an interest. We all moan that the kids dont go out to play and sit on Computers all day long, Is it a surprise when the selfish Minority get a say above the majority.


What a shame. Have these people who complained never had fun? Have they got on a ferry before that I’m sure is an inconvenience for someone? I fully support the island having a track and I had full intentions of using it. Too many snowflakes about now. Shove your complaint’s up your arse and let people enjoy the freedom of now not so Great Britain.


Not content with ruining Downland at Arreton, by having bikes destroy the bluebells, carving up wildlife just above the bio digester stinking site, then having the noisy rubbish at Smallbrook, causing the ‘new age travellers’ children to not be able to sleep in their illegal camp beds at night , and not content with turning the peaceful lanes of South wight into a scary experience for Horse face’s noble steed and someone elses p ussy and kittens, we now we have this.
Enough is enough. Ban them all.

Help me

What age are you?


Oh my god somebody send for the men in white coats for you. My advice for what it’s worth – have a large whisky and go and lay down in a darkened room and count to 10,000,000. Your rants are now getting worse. The best thing is to stop reading the Isle of Wight Echo. Too much to handle. Calm down,take slow deep breaths and try to relax. Keep calm and try to enjoy life. It’s a one way trip.

Miss Angry

I trust you are jesting, if not your a Nimby who needs to get a life and stop being a killjoy. Those who oppose money generating ideas for the Island need deporting to the mainland


So, this club is doing nothing wrong, is acting within the legal guidelines and despite this the council have decided this is “unauthorised”? Which one of the council officials is getting the backhander and from which cohort of NIMBY residents? Petition signed.

Karn Evil 9

Yes it is unauthorised because the council didn’t think of it, Councilor “Pugwash” Stewart has a hand in the other bike even that is planned in 2021, out of the 2 events this one is the better because it will not close our roads and encourage dangerous riding on them, so yes this one is a good idea. The petition is welcomed and I hope a lot of people sign it.


Wait till the TT races start and go through brighstone you won’t hear the end of it

gloria solomon

I hope it is allowed to continue,god knows there’s not much on the island that the moaners don’t interfere with,and as for Seldom Seen Seely poking his oar in to stop it makes me want it to go ahead even more

Nin Williams

Brighstone the land of the Masons a Manor who objected to wind turbines on the hills”spoilt the outlook dont you know”oh and “Seldon seen” seems to have ingratiated himself into “village life there” hence him “looking into” ?? what woukd be a three day tourist boom for The Island next year, and in case you havnt noticed “seldom seen” the Island is not a diamond shaped retirement home! Young people, family’s all need something to enjoy doing together “6 hours on a Saturday really? How naughty of this group to want to have fun, whilst a geriatric village object? Can… Read more »


Don’t always agree with you but this time you are spot on.


“Officials have ordered organisers of practice days on the newly-created track to cease operations with immediate effect due to noise complaints from neighbouring residents.”
And one of those residents just happens to be our MP. Funny that. What a coincidence.


Now I am a supporter of motorcycle sport on the Island but and it’s a big BUT I do feel this new motocross group and the Island Motocross Club when they announced the opening of the Arreton MX track long before it became a GP track both shot themselves in the foot when they announced they intended to run 26 events a year. Trying to get one or two (noisy) events is hard enough so announcing that they intend having 26 was a non starter, they should of started small and built on it. The I O W motorcycle club… Read more »

The Truth

There are some right miserable killjoys living on this island isn’t there?

Colin Wilcox

Like most things in this world, I think you predominantly hear comments from those who are against it. I am of retired age and also live in Brighstone. I’m loving the thought of a TT going through so close to home and am totally in favour of the MX track. Am I unusual, or are those against it in the most vocal minority?
Lifelong biker

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