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This year’s Mountbatten Osborne Run, which was postponed in May, has now been cancelled due to a decision by English Heritage.

English Heritage say they cannot host the run due to concerns over social distancing and large crowds.

Last year the fun run event raised around £19,000 for the Island’s hospice.

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However, Mountbatten is introducing Go the Distance, an extension of its End2End event, when hundreds of cyclists usually head from Culver to Alum Bay and back again.

Go the Distance can involve everyone, from lockdown beginners to avid riders, covering 3 distances – 50km, 100km and 500km – which can be completed over time.

Nigel Hartley, CEO of Mountbatten, says:

“Osborne Run has become a major fundraising event for us and so naturally we are disappointed it cannot happen, though completely understand the decision by English Heritage.

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“We are continually looking at new ways of raising money, and we hope Go the Distance captures the interest of our Island community.

“We are very lucky on the Island to have so many amazing cycling routes and places to go on bikes.

“We want this to be a really enjoyable summer activity, and one that helps support our work in being there for the increasing number of people experiencing death, dying and bereavement on the Island.”

The challenges can also be completed at home or in the gym, if people prefer to cover their miles on a static bike.

For more information and to register, visit

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5 months ago

Shame that today, charity has to be so dependant on the ‘Look at me’ crowd.   Would be nice if people just ‘gave’ without someone having to partake in some hobby which they clearly love, but, when done in the name of charity then receiving the focus of attention they clearly desire.   Still if it gets more cash I suppose the ‘bigger picture’ is the important factor, not posers ego’s.   Let’s hope the Hospice is well funded as God knows they need such and truly ARE loyal, trustworthy, caring people there.   Sadly most of us will one… Read more »

Karn Evil 9
Karn Evil 9
5 months ago

Just what we need more lycra clad bloody cyclists, riding recklessly 2,3 or more abreast on the roads.

Lady Longdown Dunne-Standing
Lady Longdown Dunne-Standing
5 months ago

The nurses and support staff at The Earl Mountbatten Hospice are wonderful people. They deserve full credit for the comfort of people in their dying days, and a lot more money. As for the fundraisers, the ‘CEO’, and the like… It’s nice to see them thinking big again as regards the next highly publicised event. A couple of people I know have tried, on more than one occasion, to set up humble charity events in aid of our Island’s Hospice, only to be told they were ‘too small’ for (cue soundbite renaming…) Mountbatten and their efforts were not required! Some… Read more »

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