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No new coronavirus-related deaths have been recorded at St Mary’s Hospital in the past week, the latest official figures confirm.

The most recent death to occur at St Mary’s, where COVID-19 has been attributed, occurred on Monday 25th May – 8 days ago.

Although there are still deaths occurring within the community, with a total of 29 fatalities in the Island’s care homes to date, today’s figures reveal positive news in the battle against the deadly virus.

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The levelling of hospital deaths on the Isle of Wight means that either the number of admissions has fallen significantly, and/or people are achieving better outcomes during their hospital stay.

Island Echo reported yesterday that the ‘R Number’ is thought to be around 0.42 locally.

A total of 71 people have now died as a result of COVID-19 on the Isle of Wight – 38 in hospital, 29 in care homes, 3 at home and 1 at the hospice. Latest figures published by Public Health England show that nearly 40% of the 75 care, nursing or residential homes on the Isle of Wight had reported outbreaks of the virus.

The total number of confirms cased on the Isle of Wight is 199.

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Vinny Phillips

It’s getting better, however I’m worried that an earlier report by yourself stated we had 200 cases at 17:41, but this report around 90 minutes later says we have 199? So which is it?

True caulk head

I’m afraid to say that I no longer believe any figures that are put up anywhere anymore.
There’s more to this than meets the eye.
According to the figures ONLY 20 people outside of care homes have caught the virus.
Come on, whoever is hiding the truth let us have the proper facts and figures. What are you hiding or scared of?

mr justice

Ah!? The truth? More and more good people, like yourself are starting to say, well this doesn’t add up, or make sense. The evidence is spilling out everywhere, and the liars (government) are using censorship to hid the truth. Fb,Twitter, and YouTube are taking posts down, that are by professional doctors etc. Please do some research, but not MSM they are all liars too.

Russell Izzy

so how many is it .you saidat 17.41 that 200 now 90 mins later you are saying 199 .

Martin W

Don’t fight over just ‘one’, next few weeks, deaths will likely soar now we are back to work, school, and mingling

Dave Manning

Doubt it !

Dave Manning

Doubt it…….
Just let everything go back to how it was originally and stop panicking



Dodgy joe

Utterly clueless.


Went for my evening walk down ryde seafront and it was heaving with youngsters and others with no regard for social distancing what so ever. It was scary I have to say. I liked it petter before, peaceful and quiet. I think it’s too soon for people to go out in this way like nothing has ever happened. It saddens me that after all we’ve been through and everything we e all done, they are just acting irresponsibly and risk putting us all through it over again. They may be young and not affected personally by this pandemic, but I… Read more »

mr justice

Oh don’t worry Jim you will have plenty of time to be MADE to stay in doors, only come out when THEY say. But of course if your older then 55, like me, then we are getting close to the time where we are a drain on society, but I’m sure YOUR masters have a plan for that too. Wake up man!

Stay at home

Jimjam56, I liked it better too when it was quieter. The pubs aren’t even open yet and still had groups of kids hiccuping going home late last night, at around 12.45 AM so they must have been out drinking in someone’s house or maybe congregated outside somewhere, having a drinking session. From Friday it’s been depressingly ‘back to normal’ in every other respect too. So back to suffering from anxious mental health as a permanent way of life, which has been much easier and mental health way improved over the lock down period.   We live in such a selfish… Read more »


Hi just a thought I’d like to move to the island soon. Would I be welcome I’m from Portsmouth were no new cases reported for nearly a week.


Why is everyone so confrontational? Have you contributed anything that gives you the right to be so smug? Just ask yourselves one question. Could you have done any better? I doubt it very much

mr justice

Because everybody is sick and tired of all this bs.! I heard a very sad story today, told to me about an 82 yr man. He was so angry about, that because of his age, the liars ( government) said that people over 70 may have to stay in lockdown longer then anyone else, he said, no I will not stay in lockdown, and if they make me, I will take my own life!. What has happened to our world? Why have we let this happen? I’m 56, and I feel like I’ve had enough of this Crap too. Is… Read more »

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