It’s nicknamed by staff as ‘Jim’s magic torch’. Purchased by the Friends of St Mary’s Hospital  for the Endoscopy Unit, the AV Vein Viewing System is proving to be a very useful tool, according to endoscopy nurse Jim Rainer who made the grant request.

The hand-held appliance, which cost £4,522, incorporates some clever infra-red technology to accurately pinpoint patients’ veins. When held over an area of the body, often the arms, veins immediately show-up like a mono-colour  street map.

“It’s so valuable when those patients requiring intravenous drugs have no obviously visible veins for us to attack,” explained Jim. “Previously we could make several attempts to put a needle into a vein. Now, not only is time saved by staff, but the process can be a lot less upsetting and uncomfortable for patients.

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“The system is perhaps used up to 14 times a week by consultants, doctors and nurses at this unit. We all would like to thank the Friends for agreeing to our grant request.”

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