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wightlinkropebradingRopes formerly used to tether Wightlink’s fleet of vessels are being given a new lease of life at an Isle of Wight yacht club.

The ferry company is donating supplies to Brading Yacht Haven, where the ropes are being recycled as fenders around the club’s pontoons to protect boats as they berth.

Previously, old car tyres had been used but the rope is much preferable, according to Brading Yacht Haven’s David Godfrey:

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“As well as being very neat, the rope also gives the pontoons a very nautical appearance. We have, at present, fitted two pontoons with rope and are refurbishing two 60ft pontoons. The work is being carried out by a group of retired volunteers, all with an engineering background, with ages from 55 to 80, who turn out every Wednesday morning. They are affectionately known in the club as the Last of the Summer Wine.

“We would like to thank Captain James Blanch and Wightlink for supplying the ropes to us, we are most grateful!”.

Mark Persad, Head of Marketing at Wightlink, said:

“Wightlink is proud to support many Island organisations, including charities, art groups and sports teams, which we back to the tune of £350,000 every year. The help we give to Brading Yacht Haven is, perhaps, one of the more unusual ways we support the local community. We are delighted that they are able to recycle our rope donations and make such good use of them!”

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