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Development at Ryde Business Park on Nicholson Road in Ryde is a step closer to being given the go-ahead.

In a report heading to the virtual meeting of the planning committee tomorrow (Tuesday), Isle of Wight planning officers have given their conditional approval and it now only needs councillors to agree.

2 planning applications, 1 involving the infrastructure of the site and the other submitting outline plans for the various buildings and use of the site, had been submitted by the Isle of Wight Council before the coronavirus pandemic began.

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With the council’s finances in a precarious position and as part of its deficit reduction strategy, however, councillors voted to get planning permission but further enabling works would be halted for now.

If permission is granted by the committee the current greenfield 15 hectare site, which would be near to the 904-dwelling Pennyfeathers development, could see a mix of uses, both residential and commercial.

As one application is only outline permission, for now the access of the site would be granted but indicative drawings demonstrate the layout, design and scale of the proposed buildings and surrounding spaces.

The use of the site could provide a community hub, made of 4 buildings with space for a gym, GP surgery, pharmacy, community cafe and retail with 15 flats proposed to be affordable for key workers. There would also be office blocks, with a boardwalk between them and industrial style units for businesses.

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Objections to the proposals came from 28 people and ranged from loss of greenfield and wildlife to the size not being right and it being poorly designed for cyclists. However, Ryde Town Council supported the plans and Natural England only asked for conditions relating to the drainage and landscaping.

Isle of Wight Distillery, a local business, also supported the plans saying the industrial units could stop them potentially moving some of their business to the mainland.

As part of the infrastructure a new roundabout could be added to Smallbrook Lane with pedestrian and cycle links, and a further junction could be added when the Pennyfeathers development is built and proposals to alter surrounding roads have been submitted.

Planning officers concluded the development would ‘comprise high quality buildings’, deliver a ‘significant level’ of employment space and not compromise protected species or habitats.

The report said:

“The proposals set out a high quality development that would foster economic development and deliver jobs within this area of Ryde, complementing the housing envisaged for this area.”

For the full planning application, relating to the infrastructure, 17 conditions have been added to the approval whereas 30 have been added to the outline plans which include approval of reserved matters and the submission of other planning documents.

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This ‘development’ will destroy some beautiful fields ancient hedgerows and tree just bursting with wildlife. Take a walk down the footpath today, and see the beauty, and then, ignoring any artist impressions, see what it looks like with huge ugly industrial buildings, more social box houses, and the roads and tracks just used by the youth as motor cycle drag tracks all evening. Most businesses cannot afford or have the need to relocate as business is dying not growing. The Nicholson road site is not fully occupied and as we see with Liz Earle some are cutting back already. So,… Read more »


There is absolutely no need for this…the existing site is not full – and no pent up demand for more business units.
another lame attempt at trying to get housing built through the back door – get planning for business units, build one or two sheds, then say they are no longer viable, but because it is now brownfield, as it was classed as industrial, they then build benefit hutches on it, for more layabouts from the mainland to show up.
nice try council – we are not stupid.

Mad Benny

Hence the get the brown field site permission now, knowing it is far easier then to change such to planning for houses than it would be from a green field site to such.   This council cares NOTHING for the Island or the Island people.   It is all about a huge club of how to make the most money for themselves, either by gaining more houses, more council tax to fill their coffers so as they can then award themselves larger pay rises and expenses and get more of their ‘mates’ family etc on the pay roll.   Or… Read more »


Why do you term the layabouts from the mainland when clearly this not a proven fact! Those people you call lay an outs come over for holidays and visits yet this is missed and everyone is classed as a layabout! I suggest term layabouts should be directed closer to home as when I visit the island I see many layabouts that have lived there for years and have been since I left for work 35 years ago!


they are layabouts – those that were born here, the islands problem- the rest do not need to be here or catered for in any way


Why are you targeting mainland visitors with all the island issues and they are not layabouts as you put it! the mainland offer vasts amounts of visitors to the island who then spend much needed cash to keep the island as it is! I suggest you a little closer to home before targeting the visitors! It just seems that everything that goes wrong on the island is labeled
too many mainlander’s drivers visiting the island
All the drug issues are mainlanders coming over
any violent attacks are mainlanders visiting
I suggest you get real and stop making stupid assumptions


Wrong development at the wrong time. A mere cursory glance confirms that there are multitudes of empty business units across the Island and due to the economic disaster caused by the pandemic, there are going to be many many more. A mere Moron can see this, but, weirdly not a planning committee, whose professional bread and butter this is.   And please, don’t insult our intelligence viz – “there COULD be a community hub etc etc etc” we all know that the planning will be changed before any earth is broken, and all that “community” stuff (which is ONLY there… Read more »


One of the councils top persons is know for such in private concerns, so WHY expect anything different where huge sums of public money are available for creative manipulation?
These greedy parasites have had it their way for far too long, and have now become complacent with a group of planners, developers all ‘in’ the know.
All we can do is vote the rubbish out next time we can.

It’s a hard life

Rosemary vineyard. Catton here we come,


More Greenfield being destroyed… I feel sorry for the local residence, the extra noise of traffic day and night, More bright lights at night, more on street parking… and sure they say room for GP, s many builders say that, but never happens. Plus flats for Key Workers, really ?? No doubt Housing association flats more like…..
Always wanting to build bigger… why not fix up what is there first ! Reminds me of The Floating bridge,.. the car ferries.. and all these proposed new homes… Fill and fix the ones that are empty first !!”


After the massive success of the East Cowes regeneration and all the marine based industry it attracted at the back of hawthorn meadows in addition to the hi-tech businesses that flocked to the island technology park, where will we find all the additional people to fill the thousands of high paying jobs all this council led industrial expansion will provide? I suspect we might have to put the brakes on the public sector bureaucrats supplying the island with so many well remunerated job opportunities and ask them to build a few thousand more residential properties to give them a boost… Read more »

Helen Highwater

Now that IW Council have their fat fingers on the Venture Quays site, we can look forward to all those extra jobs etc they promised. Can’t we?


I quote:- had been submitted by the Isle of Wight Council,
This will be passed, as when was the last time the Isle of Wight planners and Councillors ever turned down a planning application made by themselves?


We all moan and debate in the comments section, but it’s highly unlikely anyone from the council will read the comments on here and even if they do I doubt they would give a toss what any of us who live on the island think. they will probably allow what ever they want and couldn’t care as long it brings in the money either brown envelope or through accounts that’s probably whats more important. People should take a stand to protect our beautiful island from over development and destruction of greenfield sites to protect the wildlife forna and flora. because… Read more »


I just pray that these ——- DON’T keep ruining the Countryside, just for a FAT PROFIT.
Karma will bite the greedy ——- on the a–e!


What is the point of building on this site!, many of the properties in Nicholson Road are EMPTY!
More and more business are closing and when BREXIT finally happens, maybe even more will close.

John Smith

If the local distillery business wants this to go ahead to save them moving some of their business to the mainland then why do they not go ahead with the development of housing on the vineyard land and keep this for their distillery business?? Or maybe they are working on the basis that by having this development go ahead would actually make the land that the vineyard own be more appealing for developers.


Exactly what I was thinking.

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