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A regeneration project in Sandown will be able to brew its own beer, now that the Isle of Wight Council has approved planning permission.

Boojum and Snark, a cafe and now cafe/bar, opened on Sandown High Street thanks to grant funding from the Government which aims to regenerate coastal communities.

Plans to add beer production, in a nano-brewery, to the sustainable local business have been given the green light by the Isle of Wight Council’s planning committee, who unanimously voted in favour.

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Ward representative for Sandown North, Cllr Debbie Andre, welcomed the planning application, saying anything that would increase footfall down the lower end of the High Street should be encouraged. She said:

“This venture, which if successful, will greatly add not just to the regeneration of Sandown as a whole but also in the lower High Street.

“This is exactly the kind of enterprise needed to kickstart our town’s economy while building up a reputation Island-wide and beyond.”

The venue will be able to produce 75 litres of beer in each brew, through the brewing kit now permitted.

In the design and access statement, Boojum and Snark estimate it will only need to brew twice a week to create enough beer for sale on the premises.

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A comment from the member of the public said the small business is an excellent example of the new trade needed in Sandown and should be supported. They said:

“I hope it begins to set a pattern and the benchmark for regeneration in the Sandown conservation area.”

5 conditions were attached to the planning permission, including strictly sticking to the opening times, waste storage and noise management arrangements.

No objections were received.

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Handshakes all round at County Hall


Last thing we need in Sandown is more drunk wasters sat on benches making the place look like the doss house has kicked out all it’s inhabitant


Don’t worry it won’t last !!

Nick Black

2 brews of 75 litres each approximates to 37.5 pints a day. They are obviously not anticipating being particularly busy with customers at that sort of production/sales.


yeah well done council, anything that promotes business is good for ALL of us.


Sandown High Road needs to be closed off and made pedestrian only, and convert all those empty shops/ units into eateries/ cafes/ bars. It will be very popular, especially for those coming from mainland because of the train not mention the money to be made from the nearby car parks, get rid of the rubbish, they are not bringing in money. Look at how popular Gunwharf Quay is.

Last edited 1 month ago by anony
Tracy Mikich

What a miserable response from some of the people who have left comments. To address:   Handshakes all around, we had to go through this extra layer because of existing relationships. Re Sandown doesn’t need more drunks – Boojum&Snark is a taproom, pico-brewery, art gallery and community hub – we are not interested in lager wars but promoting Sandown as interesting cultural venue. Our beer is on average £4.50, £5 a pint so hardly promoting drinking. These are craft products. Thanks Nick Black for noting how small scale our actual production is. I think someone said, don’t worry it won’t… Read more »


Don’t worry, we get the same kinda responses to things like this in Kent so I guess it’s the same everywhere.

Unfortunately there seems to be a lot of people who enjoy moaning about everything.

I wish you good luck and will visit when next in the area.

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