In response to a surge of coronavirus-related correspondence and casework received by the Island’s MP, Bob Seely has issued a document containing a series of responses and useful information for residents.

The document includes advice about how to stay safe, responds to issues raised by Islanders and signposts residents to where they can get help. It also updates Islanders on Bob’s work in parliament in relation to the coronavirus outbreak.

The document specifically addresses questions raised by residents about whether the Island should be locked down to visitors and who should and shouldn’t be working,

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Bob said:

“Over 1,000 constituents have contacted me this week alone with coronavirus-related queries. I have therefore prepared a detailed response which should cover almost every issue raised by Islanders.

“Constituents who have contacted me about a specific need or issue raised in relation to personal circumstance will receive an individual response.”

Bob said the responses would be put on his website shortly at and would be updated and additional topics added as they are asked. He said information and advice would also continue to be posted on his social media platforms as well.

You can download a copy of Mr Seely’s standard response here.

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none given
none given
1 year ago

2.6 million people a year around the world die of respiratory infections, despite all the vaccines, flu shots and other drugs.

sars2009 that began in mexico went around the world – not much facebook then or other social media to spread the fear – still no cure for that one.

about 25,000 people have died from covid19 which is also a respiratory infection.

so, how come the world has been closed down, when it wasn’t closed down for the other viruses that emerged and still no cures exist for.

answer…this virus has public relations.

had no one ever known about covid19 – we would all be saying that this years flu season was a bit higher than average.

none given
none given
Reply to  none given
1 year ago

the government are also using this as an excuse to spy on citizens in ways that they would never have been able to get away with under normal circumstances. Looking at peoples mobile phone data to see if they are out and about, using drones to spy on people, having the police stop you and demand to know why you are out of your house. Letters being given to key workers, authorising them to be outdoors. issuing instructions about what type of business can operate or not. This is all very disturbing, as it creates a vast amount of data about you and everyone else, which is private. selling your liberty for more security is a road to china. Governments do not like giving back what they got hold of… and they won’t want to give up this surveillance state they have created, with citizens staying indoors like good little… Read more »

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