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Monsoon in Newport is set to close its doors for the last time later this month – resulting in several job losses. 

It has been announced today (Wednesday) that the Moonsoon & Accessorize clothing shop will cease trading on the 23rd January.

The 13 members of staff that currently work at the store are set to lose their jobs as a result of the closure.

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Concerns were raised during December when a ‘To Let’ sign was erected outside the High Street store.

A staff member said that the company had hoped that a reduction in rent would save the store from closing.

Unfortunately, negotiations with the landlord proved to be unsuccessful.

Some of the staff members who are set to lose jobs have been working at the store since the shop opened 2 decades ago.

They were offered the chance to relocate to another branch but this would not be a viable move for them as the nearest store to the Island would be on the mainland.

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Surely it is better for landlord to reduce rent than have no rent at all. Are they blind or just stupid just look around Newport and see all the empty shops that are turning town into a Ghost Town


They are greedy


all these shops closing is a bad thing

Malc Reed

It’s sad when I hear what’s going on with shop’s on the island, its making Newport a ghost town shopping area which is a shame, with the company likes new buildings so in about 10 years time or less more likely they knock down the old shops and build flats etc

Az-zahra Aziz

Turn them into flats for the ‘economic migrants’ to lengthen the unemployment queue and to fill any rare empty cells in our overcrowded prisons.

Such are high streets all over the UK turning into ghettos, the Island is always ‘behind the curve’ but sadly ‘gets there’ in the end.


The high street is being rapidly destroyed, this is not good, but if people do not use these stores that is the first problem, the internet is more attractive to most.
Landlords asking to much rent is a growing problem, the question has to be why do these Landlords not accept a reduction? is it a case of Can’t take a lower rent or Won’t?
Parking costs are another problem, how many people are prepared to try and find a space and then pay the cost? The internet becomes stronger and stronger in it’s appeal.

Let justice be done

The only hope for the High Streets is for councils to slash Business Rates in towns, re asses rates for out of town retailers and raise them accordingly to even things up.
Government needs to ensure that international on line retailers are taxed fairly , maybe by a new tax on uk sales , as they avoid current business taxation by basing themselves outside the UK or using a corporate structure which baffles governments.

Zack Zuck

The kind of shop for when you’re too rich to shop at H&M but too poor to travel to the mainland and shop at the Ralph Lauren store in Gunwharf??

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