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Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are dominating the European club football for the last decade. These two guys have set the standards way up high in all aspects of the game.

Since 2010 only one player has managed to win the European Golden Shoe besides the above-mentioned duo. It was Luis Suarez, who was European’s top scorer in 2016 while playing alongside Messi in Barcelona. In 2014, the Uruguayan player shared the title with Cristiano Ronaldo.

Messi and Ronaldo are the main favourites for taking the prestigious trophy in the upcoming year. Right now, the Argentinian who has six Golden Shoes and has won three in a row has the biggest prospects for another one according to the bookies. Messi’s reign started under one of the best managers ever, Pep Guardiola, and hasn’t ended since. His odds for being the top scorer in La Liga are 2/3 and is by far the main favourite for that title. Meanwhile, Ronaldo’s odds to do the same in Italy are a bit lower, 7/4, but is also the No.1 contender.

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The bookies predict another race for the Golden Shoe between the two old rivals. There isn’t a single bookmaker in the world who isn’t favouring them over all the other contenders.

But what about other players? Are there any of them who might endanger Messi and Cristiano?

At the moment, there are a couple of them who could interrupt the routine and bring some changes. For most punters, the names of Kylian Mbappe, Mohamed Salah and Robert Lewandowski are the most sounding ones.

Many of them are already placing money on some of these three guys. They are using free bets from bookmakers because odds for each of the players still aren’t available. The bookies find it early to release the complete list of the odds, but are allowing the possibility of making just one specific choice which is currently not available on the website. Once you make that choice, the bookie will create a unique offer for you. That is called a free bet.

These three players are the favourites for being the top goalscorers in their respective championships. That is to retain the crown from the previous season.

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The biggest threat for Messi and Cristiano is Mbappe, who missed the last year’s award for only three goals. The 20-year old youngster will only be better as time goes by. Also, when having in mind that his PSG plays offensive and wants to score as many goals as possible, we can see that he could be a nice choice for our free bet.

Mohamed Salah is the two-time top scorer of the English Premier League and the winner of Balon d’Or for 2018. The same season he was two goals short of reaching Messi who won the Golden Shoe with 34 hits. Salah slowed down a little bit last year but is expected to explode during this campaign, as Liverpool needs his scores in the quest for the Premiership title. Bookmakers see Mo as one of the biggest favourites to take EPL Golden Boot, and the odds on him are 5/1 for that.

The last, but not the least on our list, is Robert Lewandowski. In the previous five years, the Polish striker had won the Bundesliga top goalscorer award four times. Lewa is arguably one of the best strikers in Europe, and the way Bayern dominates in the championship, he has great chances of scoring numerous goals in the upcoming season. With 31 years of age, he reached a peak and should be ready to conquer Europe.

To conclude, it will be hard to see someone surpassing Messi and Ronaldo, but these three guys have the best chances of doing so.


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