A man who ‘turned’ on his drinking buddy before trying to strangle him on the bed of a caravan in Newport has pleaded guilty to assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

Oliver James Maxwell Franks, 44, of Labourham Drove in Cheddar, Somerset, appeared before the Isle of Wight Magistrates Court this morning (Tuesday) and pleaded guilty at the first opportunity.

The court heard that during the early hours of 29th May last year, Franks seriously assaulted Julian Scott at a caravan on Beech Road in Barton – an incident previously reported by Island Echo. The assault was so serious that it resulted in Mr Scott sustaining a broken nose and a swollen eye, as well as significant bruising to the face and neck.

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Liz Miller, prosecuting, said that the defendant and victim didn’t know each other all that well but had gone out drinking together in Cowes. By 19:00 they had arrived in Newport and had a few drinks at The Crispin, before moving on to The Man in the Moon pub. It’s here where they stayed until around 00:45 before buying cider bottles and leaving the establishment, heading to Scott’s caravan on nearby Pan Estate.

Magistrates heard from the prosecution that within 30 minutes of the duo arriving at the caravan, Franks began acting ‘strangely’ and made Mr Scott feel uneasy. When Franks was asked to leave, he turned on Mr Scott and punched him in the face multiple times. Franks pinned his acquaintance on the bed and tried to strangle him, with Mr Scott only able to get away when he poked Franks in the eye.

The prosecution said that the whole event had been heard by Mr Scott’s girlfriend, who was on the other end of a telephone call.

Photos shown in the courtroom revealed the extent of the injuries sustained by Julian Scott, who was admitted to St Mary’s Hospital for treatment. Photos of bloodied bedding within the caravan was also seen by the bench.

Magistrates decided that the matter was so serious they sent the case to the Crown Court for sentencing. The matter will be heard at the Isle of Wight Crown Court on 8th April.

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Stefan Attrill
Stefan Attrill
3 months ago

The caravan looks similar to the one recently dumped.

Janesville Read
Janesville Read
Reply to  Stefan Attrill
3 months ago

Look again only similarity is it’s a caravan


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