A man is this afternoon in a critical condition in hospital after being thrown overboard from a RIB in Osborne Bay, becoming entangled in the craft’s propulsion system.

Members of the Royal Yacht Squadron spotted the drama unfolding in front of their eyes as the unknown man went overboard while attempting to lower his anchor, before knocking the throttle control sending the boat shooting forward and the man into the water.

It is understood that after entering the water, the man, who was the only person on board the inflatable craft, became entangled in the propulsion system. It is not known if the craft was propeller or jet powered.

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Nearby boats plucked the badly injured skipper from the icy waters before taking him to shore for transfer into a land ambulance. The man was later airlifted to Sailsbury District Hospital for more specialist treatment.

Hamble lifeboat, who were on the Solent at the time of the incident, rushed to get the crewless RIB under control before towing it back to harbour.


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