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A major, closed-road motorcycle race will take place on the Isle of Wight next year, bringing an Isle of Man TT-style event to our shores for the very first time, as well as a significant boost to the local economy.

Riders will battle it out in a time trial format at speeds of up to 210mph in the ‘Diamond Races Isle of Wight’, which will take place on a 12.4-mile road course through villages such as Chale, Shorwell and Brighstone in October 2021. The circuit will challenge competitors through technical, winding sections as well as a 5-mile fast coastal stretch along the iconic Military Road.

The event will be the first time in history that a professional road race has taken place on the Island. The Isle of Wight Diamond Races will be no ‘mickey mouse’ event and is expected to cost in the region of £2million to £5million to stage with the aim of eventually providing one of the highest prize money pots in the sport.

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It is all being led by a world-class, best in the business team from the racing industry including Isle of Man TT Clerk of the Course, Gary Thompson MBE. Other names involved include former British Champion and TT winner Steve Plater, BTCC winners James Kaye and Matt Neal, former F1 marketing manager William Parry and former Honda Racing manager Neil Tuxworth.

Each year the Isle of Man sees a boost of over £30million into the local economy as a result of motorcycle racing, with 60,000 visitors spending over £44million which supports some 815 jobs. It is hoped that at least some of that success can be replicated here on the Isle of Wight in an event that could, in years to come, be as important to the Island as the likes of the Isle of Wight Festival and Cowes Week.

It is estimated that 15,000 visitors will attend in Year 1, with that number expected to grow towards 50,000 in subsequent years.

The race is to begin on Military Road with around 36 competitors per race following the course through Chale, Chale Green and Kingston. Racers will reach speeds of around 150mph through Kingston and Shorwell before heading towards Brighstone, taking a left turn towards Grange Chine. It’s a final left turn back onto Military Road for a 5-mile blast with riders expected to hit in excess of 200mph on this stretch of the course.

A lap of the circuit is expected to take around 8 minutes to complete with each race seeing between 3-5 laps, depending on the class of motorcycle. For Year 1 there will be no sidecar action but it is hoped that a demonstration run will prove this viable for future years.

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Public roads will be closed to facilitate the practice days and the race itself, something only recently made possible thanks to a change in the law. Practice runs will take place on the Wednesday and Thursday between 09:15-15:15, with the roads opening for short periods at selected points during this time. Friday will be a rest day (and alternative race day) ahead of the racing proper on Saturday, with road closures in place between 09:30-17:30.

2,500 white lines and hundreds of manholes will be treated with anti-slip and 1,050 cats eyes are set to be removed from the roads. A number of telegraph poles will also be relocated, as well as the implementation of other safety measures to create a semi-permanent race course.

The course will run anti-clockwise through Chale, Chale Green, Kingston, Shorwell, Brighstone and Military Road

Spectators will be welcomed at ticketed race villages established in several locations, with pop-up campsites also expected. On other parts of the track spectators will be free to come and go in accordance with the safety measures put in place. Closures will be in force preventing motorists and pedestrians from accessing the track whilst racing is live, meaning access to properties will be prevented for a time.

Around 250 trained marshals will be in place at 80 points across the track ensuring a line-of-sight approach to safety at all times. The race meeting will be run under the strict event regulations stipulated by the sports’ governing body, the ACU (Auto Cycle Union).

It is currently unclear where the Event HQ, pits and scrutineering will take place but 3 locations are in the running. Diamond Races are working with local firm BCM to secure access to land by working with landowners.

Steve Plater and James Hillier on the course at Shorwell

The Isle of Wight Council are throwing their support behind this major motorsport event, the announcement of which comes just weeks after it was confirmed the Tour of Britain cycle race will be coming to the Island in 2022. Today’s news and the earlier announcement of the Tour of Britain will undoubtedly be welcomed by the tourism industry following what has been a disastrous 2020.

Paul Sandford, CEO and Co-Founder of the Diamond Races, says:

“As an Isle of Wight local resident, I am very excited to welcome motorsport fans from across the globe to this beautiful island, for what is sure to be an unforgettable weekend of racing action and entertainment for the whole family.

“The Diamond Races is the culmination of years of hard work, dedication and planning by the whole team, and we’re very lucky to have the best of the best involved with its setup. No stone is being left unturned in striving to deliver a spectacular event which we have every reason to believe will be a regular back-stop to the island’s tourist season and put the Isle of Wight on the international motorcycle road racing map”.

Cllr Dave Stewart (C) with the Diamond Races team

Councillor Dave Stewart, Leader of the Isle of Wight Council, says:

“We have been working behind the scenes for quite some time now with event specialists looking into the feasibility of such a race meeting, and we are very excited that we can announce another first for the Isle of Wight.

“We are committed to developing and expanding the island’s economy and this event is sure to thrill local enthusiasts as well as attract visitors from the mainland and indeed northern Europe, which will help to extend the island’s tourist season and provide another boost to our economy in the final quarter of the year. Our emphasis will be on the safety of the event and I am pleased that the organisers are keen to work with us in the coming weeks and months to promote safe motorcycling here on the Island.”

There will be a digital emphasis on the event with a special app set to be developed, as well streaming of the races and the usual telemetry information made available.

Safety is also a key part of the Diamond Races not only on race day itself but with improving road safety locally year-round. In addition to the feature races there will also be a mass participation event for motorcyclists to take to the course, led by renowned road riders, to experience the thrill of road racing on safe, closed and controlled roads.

The final race date is yet to be confirmed and will be dependent on the end of the British Superbike championship in 2021. TV coverage is expected but negotiations are still underway.

The event has not been welcomed with open arms by the Island’s MP, Bob Seely, though… Read more here.

For more information visit

Here is a little taste of what you can expect… footage from the Isle of Man TT:

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Tim C

OMG this is going to be amazing for the Island! This is world class racing, as good as Formula 1….. on the Isle of Wight!!
I watch the Isle of Man TT racing every year in amazement, those guys are unreal in the talent they have. Our island has the perfect backdrop for a beautiful event.

Older lad .

Let’s hope it happens. I’ve been to the TT and the Manx many times .It’s awesome .for once our much maligned council should be praised for getting this event here .


These dangerous machines will travel at over 200mph along the milly rd. Certain to be awful accidents. What if a rabbit steps out, or a pheasent, or a dog off the lead. Surely they could just be limited to 50mph and use their skills instead of speed for the race. Much safer. Why do people get a joy of seeing another human in danger or getting hurt, crippled for life or dead?


ye lets do it mobility scooters that would be great so much fun to look at



The jolly golly

Are you serious about your comment? Go put your head in a bucket of water 3 times n only pull it out twice


I expect they will ruin the scenery with heavy fortication and bulldozing,so no animals will get the chance.


I expect they will ruin the scenery with heavy fortications and bulldozing, so no animals will get the chance.

Dave Swan

OMG!! That’s all we need! With so many wannabe racers already here on the Island, this can only mean more accidents and deaths as they pretend they’re good enough to take part in this.

Tim C

Yeah….. Good input from the anti everything bunch.

Last edited 10 days ago by Tim C

TT bikes are anti- peace and fresh air.

Mickey Mouse


me me

moan moan moan


Can you blame him ? Why is worrying about And increase in accidents and more people dying a bad thing ???


You’re right to to moan. It will spoil Island life.


its already spoilt twhit all the scum on the island…

Michael Brierley

And your evidence to back up this asserts is?

Karn Evil 9

Just what we don’t want, road closures for the local road users, and it will encourage normal motorcyclists to use those roads like racetracks when it’s over. Just look at the number of motorcycle crashes recently on the island. Totally ridiculous idea.
Once again chief loony Stewart pushing for a mind boggling attempt to get tourists over at any cost. Noise, pollution, road closures and arrogant visitors aplenty in 2020.


Fkn twat…


If you disagree with Dave and Karn, try making a sensible counter- argument instead of being ignorant and offensive.

me me

there’s more car crashes and twats that cant drive a car bet most car drivers would not be able to even pass a motorcycle test

Michael Brierley

Can you please provide the data that supports your assertion? Or are you just a moaning nimby?


Sad to see someone who has such good taste as ELP take such a negative view, “arrogant” are we! Was that a bash at bikers generally or any tourist? Whichever, when you visit the mainland as a tourist do I have to presume you’re arrogant too? Shame to say, you’re an idiot!


Surely this is a joke. Is it a delayed April Fool joke.?


Hard to think of anything more inappropriate for the Island. It will only excite morons who fancy themselves as expert riders and who will try to copy what they have seen. Also, why should the majority be denied the access to their own property and the coastal path because a minority want to treat Island roads like a [email protected]@dy racetrack?

Older lad .

You won’t be denied access to your property .you can move freely inside and outside the course during racing .it works perfectly well on the isle of mann with no problems .


Get back in your box

Mickey Mouse

Incite Morons? What like the Isle of Man TT doesn’t. Everytime some good can happen on the Island. The boring squad come out and try and get it cancelled

Michael Brierley

Your evidence to support this scandalous slur is what?

Fatty belcher

Just encourage more carnage by young idiots trying to copy the professionals.


Stop ya fkn moaning

Mickey Mouse

I’ll give you a thumbs up. The boring squad are out in force to try and get anything good that can happen cancelled.

Karn Evil 9

No I won’t, so sorry.

Michael Brierley

Ok Fatty, shows us the evidence ?

Martin Shoebridge

I heard the council are already in advanced talks with F1 to hold a grand prix here in 2023…


I’ve heard your village is asking for its idiot back.

Lady Longdown Dunne-Standing

Top marks, sir. However the only Grand Prix on the Island are those in County Hall. The ‘x’ is not silent and the ‘o’ is….


Well lets hope the older generation ( I’m 63 ) get behind this and not complain about the noise etc…nice to see the IOW council getting behind this as I’m sure they and local businesses will benefit from this.

Return of the mac

Fantastic news respect to the organisation
Just what our tourism needs forward thinking
PS those who moan put your masks back on an go wash your hands


Haha this made me chuckle

Lady Longdown Dunne-Standing

I don’t consider a sixty-three year old as ‘older’ however, it is abbreviated I.W. not the other way, with a capital ‘O’. Regards.


Well I guess people will complain to get it stopped just like the motor cross in Arreton which was recognised as one of the best tracks in Europe!


we already have racing every day all over the island at the moment so whats new

Step Back



Doing the speed limit isn’t racing.


A lot of them aren’t doing the speed limit that’s the thing

Step Back

You can just hear all the pens hitting the paper and the furious key board typing emanating from the West Wight. Bob Seely is due another big post bag


Yep agree, the fun killers will be out with their pitchforks “not on my Island young man”……

Joe Bloggs

Wonder if you would make the same comments if this was right outside your front door?


Of course I would. As a biker it would be ideal for me. Bring it on

A Nonny Mouse

Bob tried to ban bikes riding through Brighstone a few years ago. What a knob 🙂






Might as well get some corporate events on the Island, Cowes week is dead and that generated a lot of corporate spending. Having previously benefitted from a few visits to Cowes week and excellent hospitality in the past, prospects of an Island jolly up seem bleak.


Excellent news sounds great and it will be good for the island all the moaners have plenty of warning to leave island for a few days and let the rest of us enjoy


I probably won’t attend but who knows. The Isle of Wight will benefit from this event and the cycle event in 2022 to follow. Don’t fret mal I’m 68 and you’ll be surprised that there’s a lot of us older generation that are not old moaners contrary to younger generations thoughts. Needs more like this. Hope to a huge success.


What a breath of fresh air this will be for the Isle of Wight. Bravo to everyone who has obviously worked so hard behind the scenes to enable this event to happen! I thought exactly the same when the World Class Motorcross event was established, only then to be binned because of a minority of self righteous individuals! This is exactly what the island needs to rebuild it as a tourist hot spot once again!(AWESOME NEWS)
Regards Pete

Karn Evil 9

breath of fresh air, how i laugh, the only reason it was behind the scenes was to stop an early backlash against it. More like a Covid hotspot, 5 in hospital so far in the last 2 weeks and more to come.


….’Polluted’ air. Disgraceful and shameless. No wonder no one else would have it.


Get ready for all the Nimbys to start moaning, especially about the noise. Can’t wait for the bikes to go past their house at over 100mph lol


But if they had any sence they could cash in on it also.
I hope it goes ahead but you know island mentality.

Last edited 10 days ago by Redken

It will surly be an exciting controlled event but it’s the uncontrolled wannabes that could be the issue. Not sure it’s a good idea for this island.


At last something to look forward to, but watch someone try and spoil it

Neil Down

Just another excuse for the ferry company prices to sky rocket & tip us all off !!!


Superb. Best news ever. As a biker fully behind it, if only to liven up the usual whining stiffs a bit.


I’m local to the area and think it would be a great financial boost to the island economy!

Older lad .

This brilliant news about time we had an event like this here .

Tim C

OMG this is going to be amazing for the Island! This is world class racing, as good as Formula 1….. on the Isle of Wight!!
I watch the Isle of Man TT racing every year in amazement, those guys are unreal in the talent they have. Our island has the perfect backdrop for a beautiful event.
Lets hope the council don’t upset it all like the Motorcross and Wight Air.


Racing on the Military Road is normally on Sundays.


I’m not a great fan of motor sport in any form however this does seem like a good opportunity to bring a major and potentially profitable sporting event to a part of the island that I don’t live in. I would expect residents on the course, expected to be trapped in their homes, unable to commute to work or shops, to have a different opinion but this announcement raises all sorts of questions which the council, having been involved in it ‘for quite some time’ should be able to answer immediately; When and how long will the removal of 1050… Read more »


If you had actually listened to the video you would’ve heard that the removal of cats eyes would include replacing after as its only resin. The Island needs something like this, let’s not have the usual ‘oveners’ putting in their 5 pennies worth. If they don’t like it, go back to the mainland, but before you leave push for a tunnel.


What a bigoted person you are. Firstly I’m not an opener but, more importantly, I’m not the only under 60 year old with defective hearing so of course I didn’t listen to the video

J Butchers

Brilliant news for the Islands tourism!

Bob O'Wight

Brilliant news. About time we had another big event here. I remember as a young boy when rally cars raced around Parkhurst Forest and I was amazed by it. Cannot wait to see these bikes and riders on their limits around our roads. This will be superb for our economy too.


Well if Red funnel and Wightlnk don’t offer decent fares, Oh of course there will be special offers.


Excellent news, and a bit of a test for Island Roads tarmacing.

Old Mike

Worth watching at the Z bend on the Military road. Hope it’s televised.


Good news at long last.


I wonder how many of these petrol-heads commenting here actually live on the route. 🙁

Older lad .

What difference does that make ?

Tim C

They won’t be moaning when they have a trackside seat and everyone they know wants to come and enjoy it.
Or when they can rent a room at incredible prices or profit from it in some way or another.
Thats like complaining that the carnival goes past your house! Live a little.

Older lad .

At the TT people who live on the course open up their gardens for spectators for a small fee .lay on tea coffee cake etc . Its a great atmosphere . I met some amazing people because of it .

Daytona tyres

Live on the route! Omg I wish I did. As for the people talking g about being trapped in their homes. You can move about between races and it won’t run all day.

Tim P

I live on the island and I am local to where the track is going to run, I am not a petrol head or a biker and I think to have have this on the Island would be absolutely amazing and I will be out watching the racing with my family.
It’s going to be a properly organised race with safety measures in place not a fun Sunday afternoon race between friends.
I can wait for it to happen.

Last edited 10 days ago by Tim P

So it’l be just like a normal Sunday along the Military Road


We already suffer a lot of deaths of motor cyclists along the Military Road so do we really need these so called motor cycle expert riders to come over here and kill themselves , If they are so expert at riding their bikes why have 258 riders died in the Isle of man TT since it began , include spectators the total tops 270 deaths


The TT started in 1907 so of course the deaths will inevitably mount up over that last 100 odd years.
Its about 2.3 per year averaged out over the period. I suspect more than that die on the island roads in one single year than that regardless of any race or not.


Oh, shut up Prato. We can all manipulate figures. The truth is, the normal people of the IOW do NOT want these intrusive, disruptive events. Grow up.

Samantha Brown

yes we do!!


Actually they do.


Someone’s been googling for statistics….


And your point is?


My response was to Terry not you Plato.
I agree 100% with what you have said and fully support the races. We must have posted at the same time, so my post is out of order (sic).
Hell, a bunch of us are already looking into how we can become voluntary marshals.


Ha sorry see that now. I have emailed Steve Plater myself about the very same topic. He did respond, waiting for a further response as to how it might happen.

Older lad .

That’s over 113 years .pretty good record .life is risky . Live it to the full .


Wow Terry what happenned to you to make your life so utterly pointless?


We could twin with Philip Island just outside Melbourne Australia.
Which is a island..
Has a racing circuit
Lots of isle of wight town names.
Oh yeah we might of sent a few islanders there many years ago….
Go have a look.
Just a thought

Last edited 10 days ago by Redken

Maybe they could do a few laps of my area so we can get our potholes fixed!

Joe Bloggs

Well I hope they recompense the locals for all the inconvenience and noise they will have to put up with and not just free entry to the event.


If they have any sense they will make a mint renting out the spare rooms to visitors same as those on the TT course.

Older lad .

Our thoughts exactly. We will be advertising our spare rooms for this event .


I live in Ryde, but I and a few friends would be interested in details Older Lad.


Assuming we’re through the troubles with covid-19, what about all the local camp sites, hotels, b&b’s, self catering? October is out of season, I would have thought they would welcome bikers with open arms. Then there’s the cafe’s, restaurants and pubs, grocery shops, what a fabulous economic boost next year after all we’ve been through this year! I don’t think everyone on your island will share your view.


Come on fellow Islanders. Wake up and campaign to put a stop to this madness. The beautiful Island is systematically being ruined with all these inappropriate activities. Motocross, IOW festival, scooter rallies to name just a few.


Does this include the proposed 2022 Cycling event in Ryde. Cowes Week and Fireworks,walk the Wight, etc.,etc., Oh and cancel Christmas this year. For Christ’s sake Pete lighten up. Let people enjoy themselves. What sort of entertainment floats your boat . One Life – no return ticket. Chill out.


Hi Yigaf. I don’t think you understand the difference between appropriate and inappropriate. Obviously Walk the Wight is appropriate as it is a charity event that doesn’t disrupt and encroach on people’s lives. Christmas is a religious festival for ALL to enjoy. However, events like the proposed motor cycle racing and the IOW Festival etc are very disruptive to residents and also very damaging to the environment.
Please check your dictionary in future for definitions of certain words before you start ranting. Cheers. Pete


Are you going to reply to Plato as well. Without knowing me I can certainly say I do know the difference. I donate to all the charitable events by the way.and like Bob Sausage posts that some people want something to moan about. You never answered my question so I’ll ask again what floats you boat. Stay calm,cool and collected. One thing I’ll never die of is stress. It’s one of the biggest killers. If you cannot handle banter remember that if you can’t take it don’t give it. Try to have a nice day


Hi Yidaf. Yes, I have replied to Prato. It appears to me, that you are getting stressed. As for “what floats your boat”?. Work, enjoying the Island, going horse racing(mainland), watching cricket, fishing, prawning and of course winding up idiots. I seem to remember that you were the one to rant about my original banter. Calm down.


Again I’ll remind you that you don’t know me. All the people that do would tell you that I’m the most patient person they know. I don’t rant that’s for sure. Yes I can get angry it’s human nature but not at this time. What floats your boat is admirable but winding up idiots well we can all do that if required. So another question. As an outsider what do you think of the human race. Take your own advice and calm down . Just banter . Relax and enjoy life .


Ah. The minute I mention work, it all goes quite. How strange.!!!


Sorry. Typo. Should have read quite. !!!


Sorry, another typo. Quiet.!!!


Work. Let me think. Oh yes . I left school at 16 and retired at 67 after being in work for 51 yrs. I was lucky enough not to have to go on the dole( unemployment benefits) so not bad eh?


Prato and Yigaf appear to have gone silent. Perhaps it is past their bedtime.!!


Yeah you are totally right. More crochet, book reading and keeping quiet competitions are what we need. Get a life,

Last edited 10 days ago by Plato

Thanks for that Prato. Think your comments sum it all up.!! Let’s all despair.!! I have a lovely life thanks. Obviously you are looking for something else to enhance your sad little life.


Says the guy looking for validation on a news thread…..


Your a bundle of fun Pete !!

JS iow

Surly this is a good thing for the island it will bring in more people more money for our local economy which is much needed yes we might get a few silly local bikes but that’s there problem. I’m glad the council are backing this and it will show everyone how beautiful our island is

Bob sausage

It really is no wonder why this Island never progresses with all the negativity. People here just want something to moan about. It’s such a shame as this place has so much potential but as always is stuffed by masonic interest, council stupidity or the not in my back yard brigade that inhabit.

Richard Collins

This is excellent. To the people already moaning, if you don’t like it move. The island is a holiday destination with tourism being a big earner!
This is the kind of event the island needs to boost the tourism market.


I like the idea in principle, but how many lives will be lost as our Island boy racers, who are thick as mince, try to emulate or ride around the course at speeds up to 200 mph, after the event. Let’s stick to cycle racing which is, after all much healthier and safer. We are not the Isle of Man and never will be.


All I can say to this post is you’re cruelly depriving a village somewhere of an idiot. I know lots of young motorcyclists who are certainly not thick as mince. Obviously you’re a cyclist and good on you. Try to encourage your fellow men/women of looking round before swerving out to pass a parked van,car and try to use hand signals amongst irritating bad cycling.

Magical mag

Brilliant and about time, ths islands perfect for this x


This is a great opportunity for the Island. Obviously there is going to be the usual old pratts
giving off negativity and especially those recently moved to the island.
I have heard rumours that they have applied for a wheel chair race along miltary road.


What a great idea. Well done to the Council for supporting this venture. Our very own TT. I’m looking to move house next year. I’ll need to look at the race course and maybe get a grandstand view?

Ryde Reader

I have no interest if this takes place or not as motor cycling holds no interest for me. But a couple of questions – are our roads up to it? and will the extortionate ferry fares put off potential visitors? I would like to see it go ahead, might be good for the Island so long as it doesn’t cost me any money!

Bob Frapples

I thought it was an all year event with all the idiots breaking the speed limit.
Never a copper around to catch them never mind the tree or lamp post will stop a few


The sad cry of “Look at me!” from a 2nd rate internet troll.
Actually. That’s not fair.
3rd rate.

Bob Frapples

I must be 1st rate you’re responding to my comment

TheTwatInTheHat   Now if the Diamond races could achieve 10% of that in its first year…   And for those talking about IOW ferry prices…. Take those and add a zero and that’s what the average IOM TT attendee pays to travel to the IOM. So if they get the chance to watch Road Racing for a fraction of the cost….. What are they going to do eh?   Those home owners that live alongside the TT course make a fortune from renting out their spare rooms to visitors and their front gardens to spectators. Why shouldn’t those on the… Read more »


OK being a biker and having read all the comments once again it is the majority of the retired islanders like half of the council that should be retired by now that do not want any change to happen on the island most of them should not be driving bring back a retest at 65 I’m shore all of them would fail their tests because they can’t see further than the end of their noses which in turn causes most of the car and bike accidents on the island they will be the first to respond to this post after… Read more »

Christine Kelman

Don’t include me. I’m 72 and am all for it. Live and let live I say. It will be great for the island economy.

r bet

just go and stand on military road at the weekends you will always see racing going on there with bikes and little boy racers.
but yes a motor race will be good


To be honest you get boy racers most places,to stage international cycle racing wil be an asset to The I sle of Wight . Tourist in October is usually less than summer.I might even consider coming over twice next year.


Good for the island not good for the person who has one plough through there garden into there lounge. Who’s going to pay that bill

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