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A lorry has rolled over and come to a rest on its side on Coppins Bridge in Newport this morning (Tuesday).

The incident has occurred on the Island’s busiest junction near the turning for South Street and Pyle Street.

Emergency services have been alerted to the crash, which occurred shortly before 07:15.

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The road is said to be blocked.

UPDATE @ 07:40 – Traffic is becoming very heavy in and around Newport, with police officers directing motorists on parts of Coppins Bridge.

All traffic from Fairlee Road/Staplers Road is being diverted via St George’s Way towards Matalan roundabout.

The incident is expected to have a huge knock-on effect to this morning’s rush hour traffic.

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UPDATE @ 07:55 – The driver of the lorry has sustained minor injuries and has been taken to St Mary’s Hospital.

Island Echo understands the lorry is carrying meat – namely pigs – for delivery to local shops.

It is thought the incident was caused by the vehicle’s wheels coming into contact wit a high kerb on the inside of the roundabout.

UPDATE @ 08:21 – Stag Lane Motors have arrived on scene and are working on a plan to safely recover the lorry.

Island Roads have implemented road closures and are now putting down spill kit to absorb fluid spilt on the carriageway.

UPDATE @ 08:30 – The chassis of the lorry is now going to be pulled back together with the body but not before the contents of the lorry is removed.

It’s understood there is several tonnes of meat on board, which is now spoiling.

Traffic is now able to travel up South Street, easing some of the pressure on Coppins Bridge. The area remains gridlocked.

UPDATE @ 09:52 – The meat is now being unloaded from the lorry by local butchers WA Foods, however, the meat will no longer be fit for consumption.

Once the meat has been unloaded the vehicle will be righted and removed by Stag Lane Motors.

Coppins Bridge is likely to remain partially closed until at least lunchtime, possibly longer, with the aim of getting the road re-open by this evening’s rush hour.

UPDATE @ 14:25 – The road has now re-opened after 7 hours. Read more at https://www.islandecho.co.uk/coppins-bridge-re-opens-after-overturned-meat-lorry-causes-traffic-chaos/.


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Jacknives matter

Wasp Star

Excellent work, sir.

Dave Swan

Only articulated lorries jackknife! Only one thing caused this – speed! The driver should be arrested. Thank goodness no one was walking / cycling along tHat pavement.


Is the driver ok?


Going too fast.


Time pressure i suspect! got to get those goods delivered, keep moving moving, being tracked, not keeping up………………track track, GPS, GPS………….simple mistake. Feel sympathy for the driver, one error and, well, see photo.

Roger everyone

Kids speeding again!


Kids don’t drive lorries ????

bob freind


Roger everyone

They like speeding amongst other things, drugs, drinking, antisocial behavior these are the pastimes of the wonderful modern isle of wight child


ngl mate you assume every isle of wight child. im 17 currently commute to college and work. Need to get your facts right before you assume that evey child is the same. Give your head a wobble and wake up we are not all the same


Hope the driver doesn’t get the CHOP and is CURED soon !


He won’t be bringing home the bacon!


A little rasher than usual round that corner.

Ally Reed

I suspect the driver already feels like a total loser anyway, without our local journalists resorting to headlines like ‘bacon roll’ or comments mentioning ‘chops’ and ‘curing’. Please be kind and leave him alone. The curb on the inside of the roundabout is very high, he misjudged or mismanoeuvred. Have a heart people.


would that be dry cured?


I see there’s still a shortage of hi viz jackets on the island

Opinions Matter

They are wearing hi viz suits

Calum Glenister

Avoid any takeaways from the kind which will likely end up buying this gone off meat by some doggy deal.


Why does it take 4 island roads workers to put some grit down

paul williams

One to drive the van
One to take the bag out of the van
One to risk assess cutting the top off the bag
One to cut open the bag
All four share the spreading of the absorbent
Therefore saving the need for an extra person, Island roads saving money!!

Step Back

Probably because there is a lot of diesel and oil that needs to removed from the road. If you had taken the time to look at the images you will see the road covered in fluids which has be removed by absorbent granules (not grit) and swept by a broom the old fashion way


Road hog!

Perry Hill

Let us hope that there is full documentation on where those dead Pigs end up.
We don’t want gone off meat entering the human food chain, for there will be many doggy fast food outlets only too happy to buy and use such, as their standards of hygiene may be different to what the regulations stipulate.
Who ‘checks’ the checker?


Free meat


Barbecue day for lynbottom staff


Don’t forget to invite Bob Seely then……… he is always up for a free BBQ.


‘Doggy’ fast food outlets??? Pork not good for dogs!!

g hodges

the meat wont go off that quick i would eat it


Dodgy, not doggy.


Police stood in the road again no hi viz

Step Back

Good of you to single out the police I can see others without high vis. It doesn’t really matter anyway the road is closed

island girl

All those poor animals slaughtered for nothing, those pictures make me want to puke

Don't tell him pike.

Makes me fancy a bacon buttie .


I’m sure the Zoo could do with some of that


I’ve seen double decker busses mount the curbs on many occasions, so how did this very large vehicle tip over? I can only assume the driver was driving too fast.

Or maybe the vehicle was overloaded? We all have to stop at junctions on a roundabout, I just don’t understand how it happened.

John Doe

Normally meat carcasses are transported hanging from overhead hooks,as you sometimes see in a butcher’s shop.As you can imagine tons of meat swinging about in the back of the lorry can make it unstable.I expect the poor driver mounted the kerb the meat swung over and tipped the lorry over.Glad no one was seriously injured and hope the unfortunate driver makes a swift recovery.P.S meat raffle in the Man on the Moon this Sunday!


Yep, classic rollover, unusual for fixed beds more often artics !!

Fred Nurke

If the carcasses were hanging from the roof, as normal – see the hooks in the unloading photo – they will swing with the truck’s movement.
If they’re not chained to the sides as normal, they can ‘pendulum’ and take it over.


Considering WA Foods Ltd collecting the meat, which can’t be sold, surely they’re going to donate it the the IW Zoo.

R redman

Cant the meat go to the zoo’s in dire nedd of food. Please !

bob freind

who wants some ground meat

Joanne Alexander

I hope they give that meat to the zoo

Beach and sea

Take the meat to the zoo. Plenty of customers

Dystopian World

Human Idiots Who pay for Cruelty.. Shame on you.. I don’t wish anything good to driver….

Flibberty gibbert

He doesn’t bloody kill it, he gets paid to transport it, shame on you

R Horton

Surely the meat could go feed someone in need why does it take so long to get any thing done now days bla bla bla health and safety


Hope that meat goes to the Isle of Wight Zoo, it would make the tigers happy.

Roger everyone

I don’t expect some meat will make up for be trapped in a zoo. Setting them free would make them happy…

Original Mark

Actually it would make them dead.
Sandown zoo rescues animals that are incapable of surviving in the wild, many of which have been mistreated.
They provide a safe, comfortable environment where the animals can live out the remainder of their lives in peace.
Pay them a visit some time and they will explain what they do and why they wish they didn’t have to do it.

Roger everyone

It’s a business, they charge you to see the animals they rescued. It’s all about money not saving animals that have been mistreated.


Who knew that bacon congested roads as well as arteries!

Last edited 1 month ago by SillyBilly
Step Back

Well done Munch I bet you’re so pleased with yourself. Moron

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