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Coppins Bridge in Newport has now fully re-opened after a meat lorry overturned during this morning’s rush hour, blocking the road.

Emergency services were called to the Island’s busiest junction at around 07:15 when a lorry rolled over and came to a rest on its side, as first reported by Island Echo. It’s thought the vehicle hit a high kerb.

The driver sustained minor injuries in the crash and was taken to St Mary’s Hospital for treatment.

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Traffic was backed up for a significant distance on all approaches as Police closed down lanes and forced traffic towards St George’s Roundabout. As the morning progressed lanes were opened allowing motorists to travel up South Street, but only now has the roundabout fully re-opened.

Stag Lane Motors have successfully righted and recovered the vehicle after its contents of raw meat – predominantly pork – was unloaded by hand by WA Foods.

Island Roads were called in to put spill kit down on the carriageway due to a leak from the lorry, with the solid refrigerated body separating from the chassis.

Traffic is expected to return to normal levels prior to this evening’s rush hour.

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WA Foods, who assisted authorities with clearing the meat, have confirmed that the carcasses will be collected by the slaughterhouse company for disposal in due course.


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Tim C

A review in to Kerb sizes should be done, its bloody lucky no one was beside the lorry when it went over.
I know many hundreds of thousands of lorries make it through without going up the kerb but it only takes one to squash a car or two.
Thats unacceptable if the kerb is a big contributing factor.


Workmate of mine was killed when an artic turned over on a roundabout. That didn’t hit the kerb. Just beware of large trucks on roundabouts.

Ashton Brown

My teacher was 3m off it.

Ryan day

It’s had lean the bacon on it that’s why it tipped over


Oh that could have been so funny, if only you were literate.


Who’s that crazy vegan in the video fancy a bacon buttie

Joe Bloggs

I suppose that is how you make a sausage roll.


What ever caused this event remains to be confirmed, until then comments are just speculation. There is however worthy of note, this later in the day could have been a major incident involving many people with injuries and fatalities. If speed or poor driving had a part, lessons need then learned, this roundabout has a poor reputation for multiple reasons. The Islands road structure in general is under pressure and that will only increase with plans for many more homes resulting in more people, traffic and demand for more HGV’S heavily laden with goods. This serves as a warning to… Read more »

Old bean

Pigging stake


Like the hair net billy

Alan Stay

Would just like to point out that most of the load was left in the lorry, as the environment agency insisted it was not removed at the roadside. This naturally made the recovery more difficult than at first anticipated.


Top job alen bartletts would have made a right dogs dinner or pigs ear of that


Can they donate the carcasses to the zoo? I’m sure they would really appreciate them as they’ve lost revenue during the pandemic.


Excellent idea, but that will take a bit of lateral thinking!


Looks like they made a pigs ear judging the kerb

Lady P

Well done to all involved in the recovery of the lorry. Hope the driver makes a speedy recovery too.

Sarah baker

Who thought pigs couldn’t fly

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