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The Prime Minister has announced that the easing of lockdown has been put on hold meaning bowling alleys and close-contact services will NOT re-open as planned tomorrow (Saturday 1st August) and wedding receptions of up to 30 people cannot be held.

It is said that around 1 person in every 1,500 currently has the virus, which is a drastic change from 1 in 2000 on 2nd July.

It was initially planned to allow the following things to happen from tomorrow, but the changes have been postponed until at least 15th August:

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  • bowling alleys, skating rinks and casinos to re-open
  • indoor performances to a live audience begin to take place, in line with COVID-19 Secure guidelines and subject to the success of pilots
  • small wedding receptions – sit-down meals for no more than 30 people
  • all remaining close contact services – such as facial treatment and make up application – restart

A national ‘pause’ on shielding will go ahead as planned, meaning clinically extremely vulnerable people will no longer need to shield from tomorrow, however, they should still take particular care to follow the social distancing guidelines when meeting people.

From 8th August, face coverings must be worn in cinemas, museums and places of worship.

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wow how stupid can people be and not social distance – I know the pubs has reopened lets cram 200+ in


There not allowing 200+ they are limited to the amount of people inside with reduced tables

Nin Williams

You obviously were not at Spyglass at Ventnor last night… It was rammed!!!


Your right i wasn’t but you were and now you moan about it.you are one of the people causing the problem.and before you Go on the attack your post tells everyone you are.


Wow how stupid can people be – then when people moan because the lockdown has become strict again – it will be your fault – Just listen to the rules and when it does become safe everything will be back to normal.


Miss Angry

Hooray, at last face masks in a cinema that’ll stop a lot of stupid people wanting to talk instead of watching the film

Gus fringe from los pollos

The coaching holidays are back on in Shanklin. Keep safe.

mr justice

Look! They are paving the way for a second lock down! Let’s all focus on the infectious rate, instead of looking at the death rate, which has fallen off a cliff! Let’s keep the fear going! People can’t see what’s happening until it hits them square in the face, and it’s to late. Shame.

Mark Jennings

Yet we’re told to wear masks that have been proven not to do anything.
Would this be the same backpedalling from the likes of Dr. Fauci who said the same?
Or the WHO who once claimed in a (now deleted) tweet that human to human transmission of coronavirus wasn’t possible?

Bus user

I had to make various bus journeys recently. Quite a few people on buses not wearing masks, Is it coincidence that the majority of them that weren’t wearing one were the seemingly ignorant fraternity? One large woman, tattooed, loud, thick as shite, and too aggressive seeming for anyone to say anything to her about it. Others of similar type also maskless. Probably drug addicts and alcoholics and similar undesirables can claim immunity from having to wear one because of having ‘mental health issues’, but aren’t these very types of people, by their very ignorant behaviour anyway more likely to be… Read more »

Nin Williams

Or the tourists who we were told at loudly”have come here to forget “that’s nice but we don’t want to remember you because your attitude cause a second spike on The Island…


ha ha you made me laugh and what you said is very true !


Have you noticed the ‘clever so they think’ bus passengers who wear a mask, but not covering both their nose and mouth. Please wear a mask and properly, ie over both mouth and nose all the time.

Last edited 7 days ago by fedup
Bus user

Yes, noticed that too. Really annoying. Just as bad as not wearing one at all.

Fatty belcher

Wait until parents send children back to school, Autumn coughs and colds, along with CV will then cause a massive spike in people having to self isolate unsure if they have the virus or not causing mayhem for employers.
Remember children are not immune, less at risk from dying but still at risk from very serious life changing complications.
Whilst you may be bored looking after them, it could end up a life time of caring for them should they be unlucky.

Mark Jennings

fake news, fake virus


Fake news possibly. But there is a virus going about. My view for what it’s worth it’s a form of a mutated flu bug that the vaccine we were given was at its end of life for the seasonal flu bug up to this time. Unfortunately the only way to get the possible antibodies for this new one was from the poor souls that died and the fortunate ones whose immune system created them. If people spared a bit of time and go online and google agenda 21 then studied it and see what the governments in all countries that… Read more »

Mr justice

At last ,you are one of a few people on here, that has made sense with your logical thinking and backed up with hard facts ( agenda 21) what you say makes sense,and as for agenda 21? Most people havent a clue what’s coming,because if they did, they might do something about it. But hey,we tried to warn them.

Stay at home

If everyone wears masks in public places, especially enclosed spaces, and maintains social distance from each other, wouldn’t that mean there would be less flu infections this winter?

mr justice

Seeing you have more open thought then most here, and you took time to research agenda 21, please research Chinese social credit system, it’s coming! It’s now in lndia. Most of the sheep on here can’t be bothered to research, but when it’s here, they wish they had!



Mr justice

Stop getting your information for the bloody MSM and government, they liars! Ask yourself, how many health children do you know that got this covid and died? None right! Do you know anyone that knows anyone that had a healthy child got covid and died! Cant people think for themselves anymore. It’s a flu like virus,that’s it ,period. Now stop worrying.

Karn Evil 9

Police should spot check all pubs and restaurants, without warning and shut them down if they do not comply with guidelines.

mr justice

Don’t worry, Chinese social credit system will soon be here, and they will control every part of your life through agenda 21, so be careful for what you wish for. Police with be checking you at home making sure you comply ,to anything they say.!

jone dunn

puds have there Gide lines in and are doing them it down to the public to do there bit


The officials have just said 2 new positive test on the island ! ! !
Is this the start of many, i do hope not as far too many people are not wearing masks in shops and certainly not distancing.
Masks may or may not give you some protection, one minute they do and the next they don’t.
I have noticed, this government have now started to say its our fault its spreading again, yet could easing the lockdown be the main reason?


They eased lockdown too soon . Now we are getting packed beaches and packed pubs. I don’t know why are surprised! They ask people to use social distancing but SOME people DONT! and it’s those people who are going to make it so much worse for the rest of us.


How come that in one situation we all apparently do what the says Government tells us to and in another situation we don’t. So “they” eased the lockdown too soon, anyone with a modicum of intelligence shouldn’t by now have to be told that CV is an highly infectious , deadly disease and shouldn’t have to be told by Government to stay away from crowds etc to avoid the risk of catching or spreading it. Use any common sense you might have please.

tony stephens

Just read in the national press the definitive list of where you have to wear masks from 8th August this includes public places in hotels and in social clubs ??? So if you go for a drink in an hotel bar you have to wear a mask similarly if you go for a drink at your local con club for example you have to wear a mask, however in a pub you don’t…doesn’t make sense.


Read above comment, use your intelligence, if you have any. Make your own decision for once and take the consequences.

tony stephens

Your comment doesn’t make sense, pointing out an anomaly does not make me stupid and who are you to question my decisions ???


I’m not, I am just asking you to make your own mind up and stick to it and not keep looking to others to blame when it goes wrong.

Black rat

Totally agree with you having just read the guidelines as from the 8th, i think this is a way for the goverment to introduce compulsary wearing of a face covering for everything we do, its beginning to get ridiculous now.

Last edited 7 days ago by Black rat
Mr justice

Oh no black rat,dont start kicking back no buddy,because it’s to late! Oh remember I was spreading lies and conspiracy. Well was I? Now we will see the truth

Bad breath drives out good

it is obvious that Boris and his advisers have a few drinks because their logic is pi ssed up…..Bad breath will affect ones faculties like logic…And the loud mouths on the bus someone mentions , they do not like to be aware of their bad breath so do not like to wear a mask….Bad breath is the vehicle for the virus …


I can’t imagine what drugs you must be on.

Bad breath drives out good

you can not see due to the fog of your bad breath do you mean ?


what a complete muppet.


I’m afraid after what I’ve seen in Tesco Ryde I will not be going there again . No security guard on entrance. It’s packed from holiday makers buying their bbq food and beers and the majority of adults are not wearing masks and some wearing them like a neck warmer. I counted in one particular aisle, 2 adults wearing, 3 weren’t and 7 children with them between ages 5-16 without too. The guide to wearing a mask is open to interpretation for those who think they can get away without one by claiming a respiratory problem. We could all say… Read more »


I haven’t been to Tesco for months now and certainly won’t be visiting Morrisons for a good long while either, or Lidl. I’ve had to rely on Waitrose and have found them reliable and most customers well behaved in there too, not like some of the other stores,

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