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Southern Housing Group has launched a new, dedicated initiative to help focus its resources on improving the lives of its residents.

Called Southern 360, the strategy integrates the Group’s award-winning community investment, care and support services and specialist independent living for later life.

Alan Townshend, chief executive of Southern Housing Group said:

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“The launch of Southern 360 comes at an exciting time for Southern Housing Group. Southern 360 supports the Group’s three-year corporate plan, which we launched in January 2020, to grow our capacity for community investment and amenities for local communities”.

One of the hallmarks of Southern 360, is its approach to innovation, backed by high-quality research. A good example of this is the use of virtual reality headsets for older and more vulnerable residents, to give them opportunities and experiences that they would otherwise struggle to access.

Working with residents at Byrnhill Grove and Furze Brake on the Isle of Wight, the Southern 360 team found the virtual reality headset helped increase social interaction and improved memory recall for people suffering from dementia.

The use of virtual reality in care settings has been proven to help reduce depression and anxiety as well as tackle loneliness and isolation. Southern 360’s pilot project has been so successful that the virtual reality headsets will now be rolled out this summer to Southern Housing Group’s sheltered housing and extra care schemes across the south of England – with the help of exchange students from Northeastern University in Boston.

This will enable residents to benefit from a more personalised experience of care, as the students discuss the memories, thoughts and feelings the virtual reality headsets help to evoke.

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Naomi Keyte, Southern Housing Group’s Head of Sheltered and Care Services commented:

‘The introduction of the Southern 360 brand reflects the changing landscape of social housing, and in particular, specialist housing with care.

“Southern 360 allows us to show that by working with partners, with our combined skills and expertise and our shared goals and values, we can make a real difference to the communities in which we are all a part”.

Naomi continued:

“Southern Housing Group has always been more than a simple housing provider. The Group has a long history of investing in communities, matching a range of services and amenities to help people get on with their lives, thrive and live as independently as possible”.

To find out more about Southern 360, visit www.southern360.org.uk.

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Wake up shg
Wake up shg

Shame shg can’t give all of their tenants and support staff a level of care. They like to put the front on. When I moved in to one of their bungalows dues to ill health they left me 6 months without any help to have my gas cooker to be installed as they cowboys DW support and the gas plumbers they use had only in stalled the gas line to the boiler. I explained to them I am type one diabetic and I must eat properly and I was unable to do so as I could not afford to buy a new electric cooker. The reply I got from them was “ we only have to supply you with one form be it gas or electric so this is down to you to sort out” baring in mind I explained I was penny-less and had no way of paying for it all. It’s neglect and abuse. I am now in a great deal of debt as I had to buy a new cooker and pay for a electrician to come in and install. When it would have cost southern housing group £100 to install the gas line. I called so many company’s but they couldn’t do it as I was a tenant not a home owner so yeah nice one SHG. I would have happily paid it for them over a period of time as in a monthly fee. But they do not like to help their residents. All my ceilings are cracked and peeling but I dare not ask them as they had already broke a very valuable piece of furniture and refused to put a claim in on their public liability insurance. But glad They can help the older folk. But needs to be through out the whole of the shg tenants not just a small amount.

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