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Island Roads has given details of a host of road improvement schemes scheduled to be carried out in the coming weeks.

The projects are in mainly residential streets as around 90% of the Island’s main roads have already been upgraded during the previous 7 years – although there is still plenty of work still to be done.

This year’s work is part of a ‘planned’ 4 additional years of resurfacing activity – effectively an extension to the 7-year Core Investment Programme.

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Island Roads service director Steve Ashman said:

“Though we have met our road quality obligations to date, the work we intend to undertake in the rest of 2020 and over the coming three years will leave us well placed to continue to maintain the highway at above the required standards.

“Given much of this work is in residential areas, we really do rely on the co-operation of residents and we are really grateful for the support and understanding we receive.”

All but 1 of the remaining schemes this year will be undertaken during the day. Though the intended schedule is subject to change, the following roads are among those due to be improved in the coming 6 weeks:

• The Heights Car Park, Sandown (nights)
• Norton Green, Freshwater
• Madeira Road, Ventnor
• Whitwell Road, Godshill
• Church Hollow, Godshill
• Catherine Terrace, Newport
• Banner Lane, Newport
• Eden Road, Totland
• The Terrace, Chale
• Cherryside/West Avenue, Lake
• Queens Road, Freshwater
• Hookes Way, Newport

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Residents of these roads will all receive letters explaining more about the work and information boards will also be displayed at the locations in advance of work starting.

Work on behalf of the Isle of Wight Council to improve capacity at the St Mary’s junction at Newport is also ongoing as is Island Roads’ various activities to inspect and maintain the network.

Councillor Ian Ward, Council cabinet member for infrastructure and transport, said:

“It is clear that, despite the effects of Covid-19, significant work is ongoing to upgrade as well as to maintain the Island’s highway network.

“The amount of work being carried out on the network remains well in excess of what would be delivered were it not for the PFI and I look forward to seeing continued improvements in the years ahead.”

Full details of the forthcoming road improvement schemes can be viewed at

You can keep up to date with all the latest roadworks in your area by visiting

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Christopher Davis

What about using the teams allocated to these jobs to speed up the monstrosity of the St Mary’s Road works, lanes are coned off unnecessarily reducing traffic flow, work is at a snails pace and that’s an insult to snails. When I drove through this morning only 6 workmen to be seen and 2 of them were not doing anything, yesterday tea time at 4.30pm no work in progress.

Dystopian World

They are nuisance.. Instead of doing one job at the time.. They pretending doing something in ‘million’ places at once..
So disorganised.. planning managment FAIL.. then just nuisance for traffic everywhere.. Do one job at the time….


They have done the easy quick main roads, but the time it takes to individually work on driveways, more service drains, and kerbs on residential roads will take a massive slow down in what they can possibly achieve.
Can’t just whop a huge dollop and roll it flat as you can on main roads, as kerbs, drives and drains all need to be raised or lowered to allow for such work.
The snails pace has just become even slower.

Old bean

Island roads cannot tarmac look at the state of the paths got more weeds growing out of the newly tarmaced path outside my house there a joke


the weeds are there because they dont spray the path as they are supposed to when re surfacing

Heather Holloway

Once again I see Seaview is missing. Some of the roads are a disgrace, despite us paying the highest council tax on the Island

Mad Benny

Once pen ny feat and bull en join you to Ryde, perhaps they may lower your for your quite leafy roads will then have more motor bikes, chavs, crime, boy racers, drunks and such ruining your lives as they do ours now.
Never think you are immune it is getting closer.
Those with nothing, have nothing to lose, and as jail is rarely used, fines don’t work, so enjoy your new ‘neighbours’ from mainland cast off council social housing.

Fed up

Some idiot came along and threw some black stuff on Steyne Road a couple of months ago, change of colour, same surface. Suggest IR try riding the No 8 bus between Nettlestone and Seaview, it might just shake some sense into their thick heads. And quite why S Vectis still run the route 8 as all it is doing is wrecking more of their busses. GET ONE WITH IT AND DO THE ROADS THAT ACTUALLY NEED DOING, OR GIVE THE JOB TO SOMEONE WHO KNOWS WHAT THEY ARE DOING.

David ford

Are they going to put tight the roads they have done that are now sinking and cracking open Languard road is a total mess with sunken pot holes along the length of the road


Maybe they should leave the roads that anyone barely uses and pull thier finger out and do some of the major roads, i.e fairlee road/racecourse from medina college to island harbour entrance, it’s horrendous the road is just disintegrating and it’s like driving on a 4×4 track been thrown this way and that. Also outside Sydenhams on forest Road there is a huge dip forming in the road that nearly launches every car that goes over it, also the newly laid Road a bit further down outside recycling centre is all breaking up and the same on alot of the… Read more »


Why do people on the Isle of Wight always want to be negative. If you go on the mainland roads regularly you will soon notice how lucky we are with the road conditions on the Island.
If you look at comments on nearly anything on the Island it is always moan moan moan.
If you are not happy sod off.

Just Sayin’

Wholeheartedly agree. Best roads in England to drive on. Like gliding on air.

Dystopian World

If you are happy How things are in the world then You are utterly stupid and living in your own ‘bubble’.. Maybe lucky you.. There is always so much improvement When it comes to humans….


Spot on Ron! It sounds like the island is full off moaners! im based in Essex and you should see the roads up here! I come back to the island on a regular basis and I must say the roads are brilliant considering the movement of land going on down there! When I was young I lived on the island for 17 years and in that time the roads were pretty bad but hey look at them now
Quality! so enjoy them and stop moaning!


Trinity road in Ventnor is a main road and in terrible condition why is this busy road still not being done ! They have done St Albans road which is a small hardly used residential short road , and St Catherine street Which doesn’t have much volume of traffic no lorries etc what is the reasoning or excuse I just don’t get it.


Received two letters about resurfacing! Both got cancelled. The only way we knew about the second cancellation was the sign at the top of the road. Total farce! Also had wightfibre scheduled to do work as well….no sign of them either. When they turn up to do the work they’ll wonder why people haven’t moved their cars!!

Carolyn Wheeler

Great Preston Road Ryde not on the list again !!


anyone in admin working today or is there no point in commenting?


shame they cancelled our road in Ryde 2 times now in the last few weeks, and now put it on hold, there are massive pot holes in the road

James McCrossen

Alpine Road Ventnor is like a pin cushion


a car park!!!!!!!!!!

sharon kerrison

How about Magdalen Crescent Cowes never been done since it was built in 1969 its diabolical

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