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New data published by the Office for National Statistics reveals that another COVID-19 related death has been recorded on the Isle of Wight.

In total, 86 people have now died on the Island having tested positive for COVID-19. This number was previously recorded as 88 but adjusted to take into account deaths which occurred after 28 days from a positive test result.

Up until 4th September, 44 deaths have occurred in care homes, 3 at home, 1 in a hospice and 38 at hospital.

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When looking at data for all deaths in the same period, no matter the cause, a total of 1,201 deaths have been recorded locally – 372 have occurred in care homes, 269 at home, 144 at the hospice, 404 in hospital, 10 elsewhere and 2 in an ‘other communal establishment’. That means that just 7.1% of Isle of Wight deaths are connected with COVID-19.

The latest death occurred at St Mary’s Hospital, according to the official data.

Earlier today Island Echo reported that a total of 446 cases have now been recorded on the Isle of Wight.

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Also ‘earlier today’ you reported that no one was being treated for the virus at St Marys ?


Read the article. It doesn’t say the date when the death occurred therefore likely to be historic rather than current.


Then they should say so


Agree. IE reporting often not specific enough.

John Gullible

Care home death? People die outside of hospitals you know..


It said ‘at St Marys’

Kathy Ingraham

Our children will be the innocent spreaders of this terrible virus, killing off many family members, as the little ones may show no symptoms, but still end up killing older or vulnerable relatives and family friends.
Likely to be the worst Christmas for families ever this year.

The Tonk

As so many adults and children have fallen ill in the last few days as children infect one another and then any adults they come into contact with, it make you realise how futile it is to try to avoid catching CV, as CV is way more infectious than colds.   So as we have all been careful to avoid catching germs, gels, washing more, masks and distancing, YET still have caught them, we need to face facts we are all likely to catch CV, and it will be just luck what happens to us then.   A truly bleak… Read more »

Karn Evil 9

So in the other news article on the Island Echo. The one below:   and I quote:   “It’s not all bad news though… it’s been said that there are currently no patients being treated for COVID-19 at St Mary’s Hospital, despite the recent spike in cases. This is positive news for the Island as it means the 13 recent cases are mild and do not require hospitalisation.”   So who is lying??? Why are we not being told the whole truth, is it because Bob Seely, The Tourist Board and the IOW Council, are only interested in… Read more »


That’s because the reported death in this article is most likely historic e.g. it occurred a month or so back but has only been added to the numbers due to post-mortem delays due to lockdown etc. IE issued a similar article last week where they subsequently had to make a correction containing the real date of the death.


It is nothing to do with Bob Seely. Ask the county medical officer.

Karn Evil 9

OK, Tony if you supply his email or phone number I would like to contact him. Do you by chance work at the hospital???


Was probably in hospital for something else but had Covid too. It says Covid related that doesn’t mean they died of Covid but more than likely had it when they died.

The Oracle

Thank you Smithy. At last someone with some common sense.

John Gullible

Hi Karen,

Has anyone thought that’s the death could be at at care home as many have Covid cases?

Deaths don’t only happen in hospital you know…


Why all the fuss five people are killed on roads each day but we still drive.
All about not being stupid.

Bernie Burns

Jesus Christ what a ridiculous attitude to have.
Yes yes everyone that caught the virus is stupid! Stupid idiots should have just kept within 2m of LITERALLY EVERYBODY no matter whether that’s even possible or not.
Shut up, what a dumb selfish thing to say.


I wish they would actually really reveal how many people had actually died from Covid instead of classing anyone who had a positive test in the last 28 day as having died from it even if they were terminally ill or had sadly died in a car crash.


I do wonder if the majority of the covid-19 related deaths are actually caused by the virus or if those who have died just happened to also test positive. Would they have still died had they not tested positive? Would they have also died if they caught any other respiratory virus?

If the majority of deaths are those that are already sick, surely any other virus/disease would be just as deadly to them?

John Gullible

Look up the excess death statistics.

No matter what the cause of death, we exhibited a massive spike in excess deaths at a time which would normally have been end of flu season.

The last few weeks of hospital admissions and vented patients have seen a big increase, they have doubled in cases in 15 days. This is not a normal increase explained by non covid issues.


WOW !!
Think how many people die each day of cancer (500) does that ever get mentioned?
How many die of actually contracting COVID 19 nowhere near that yet the media are blowing it out of proportion and we are all listening and obeying what the controlling government says !

John Gullible

What is pathetic is your grasp of numbers and data. Cancer is a terrible disease but fortunately not highly contagious. We DO hear about cancer every day, since growing up at least once a day I’ve heard a cancer advert talking about how horrific it is and what needs doing to support. Look up the excess deaths stats as the numbers can’t lie. I hate to break it to you but we are on another increase and the hospital admissions nationally along with number of vented patients is also increasing at an alarming rate. You say the media are blowing… Read more »

Last edited 2 months ago by John Gullible

You miss the point Colin. The Covid-19 impact is not primarily about death in our communities, it is about avoiding overwhelming the NHS with more sick people than it can cope with. Many cancer patients have their treatments and interventions delayed as a result of what has happened to date.

The Oracle

Yes, I agree. 48k people die of sepsis every year yet we just accept it.


Cancer…Sepsis etc., are illness not virus…The reason for worry is that this not only hits the ill but the fit too, and if you look at some of the warning videos that these patients and nurses/doctors are filming and the horrors they are witnessing then people may stop and think… Its the I’m Ok Sod The Rest brigade that are more of a worry. It may not hit them at all or mildly but who do they take it home too and how many families will be split up because we are back into no visiting.

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