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13 new cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed on the Isle of Wight so far this month.

Official data from Public Health England shows that to date, 446 cases have been identified on the Island to date with 13 of those confirmed between 1st and 11th September.

Figures released today (Tuesday) show that 1 new case was listed on 9th September, followed by another 2 on 11th September.

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It’s not all bad news though… it’s been said that there are currently no patients being treated for COVID-19 at St Mary’s Hospital, despite the recent spike in cases. This is positive news for the Island as it means the 13 recent cases are mild and do not require hospitalisation.

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Andy Ball

This story has been on here for an hour and we haven’t had any “we’re all going to die” comments yet! Very odd! Still, it’s only a matter of time…!


People to busy getting on with there lifes to worry about all the fear lifes short live it

Last edited 10 days ago by Bob

Andy, often, only upbeat posts are allowed. This site is too censored on opinions all to often. Can understand swearing, bullying etc, but opinions are just that and all should be heard, otherwise we get, as you have, a false impression of what the population really think.

Lord lucan

Not in hospital, that only means one thing they are out and about spreading it around, when they should be isolating at home


Maybe they preferred their local hospital.


Yes because they are so ill that they haven’t even noticed because it’s that “bad”


Ow no people are enjoying them selfs before winter


The 13 recent cases if you read this are mild and do not require hospitisation. If they were required to isolate they would have been advised before going home.


Now we have 449. Up 3 since yesterday.


If there is no one being treated in hospital with Covid 19 why is it now said that someone has just died at St Mary’s of the virus ?


Doesn’t say they died of the virus it says Covid related which probably means they died of something unrelated but had Covid too which is one of the reasons the government had to change their figures as they classed them all as deaths from Covid even if it wasn’t Covid that caused death.


Article didn’t say when they died. Likely to have happened a while back but only just reported due to post-mortem delays.

Mr justice

Well, they really are pushing for this second lock down. I said back in June that the second lockdown will be Xmas, think more people are waking up, so it’s going to be soon. Just saying.

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