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Local Government Secretary Robert Jenrick has today (Thursday) confirmed that the Isle of Wight Council is to be given another £1.1million from the £1 billion of additional support announced by the Prime Minister earlier this month.

£1,110,378 has been allocated to the Island to help the council with their ongoing work to support the local community during the coronavirus pandemic.

To address the ongoing challenges local authority leisure centres are facing, the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport has also confirmed today that £100million will be used to introduce a new fund which will support council leisure centres most in need. Further details on the scheme will be set out shortly.

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Local Government Secretary Robert Jenrick MP has said:

“Since the start of the pandemic, we have backed local councils with the funding they need to support their communities, protect vital services and recover lost income.

“This extra £1 billion funding will ensure that councils have the resources that they need over the winter and continue to play an essential role on the front line of our response to the virus while protecting the most vulnerable and supporting local businesses.”

Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden adds:

“It’s vital that we keep ourselves fighting fit through the winter months and local authority leisure centres are crucial to this. This £100 million fund will help keep leisure centres across the country open. I urge leisure centres to bid for the money and people to make the most of these precious local facilities.”

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Spending pressure funding has been allocated based on levels of population and deprivation, whilst also considering the amount of funding each council has received from the Government so far.

Recognising that councils are best placed to decide how to meet pressures in their local area, this funding has not been ringfenced. The Government has asked councils use this funding to prioritise the running of vital services and protecting the most vulnerable and public health.

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all it does is ensure that public sector workers, including councillors get paid no matter how bad the situation gets, whilst the private sector is demolished.


Moan moan moan moan


I second this. Comments like this go to show how clueless most people are about what the council does and how it operates.

Last edited 1 month ago by Felicia

felicia – the council lines its own pocket at the expense of everyone else – we know how they work – leeches, the lot of them – dictating orders, impovershing the private sector with dumb covid rules, whilst trousering vast amounts of tax payer cash themselves.

Opinions Matter

Absolutely! They recently gave themselves a pay rise whilst all around, islanders are losing their jobs and businesses. They dont know what ‘hardship’ truly is!!!!


True and maybe now they can afford to give themselves another pay rise!


just like the councils on the mainland – selling out the locals by forcing them into lockdown, so that the government hand over some cash – where does that cash go – straight to the council and not one penny to those forcibly made to stay indoors

some are more equal than others.


Perfect time for a pay rise and more money to keep the floating bridge going

Brian arnold

Let’s use it to screw up another road junction

Karn Evil 9

Ker-Ching – It’s time to fill Councillor “Pugwash” Stewarts pirates ship with all that cash, and sail off into the blue horizon, to never be seen again.


Hey ! Why not build another hospital… ??? BUT NOT in Newport !!


Just in time to pay their Christmas bonus!

Opinions Matter

Let’s hope they don’t blow any of this money on the floating bridge and they spend it WISELY!!!!


Dream on!


How much more cocaine for them does that buy?


Fair enough council given funding from government is one thing , how they spend/ waste it is entirely a different matter


How many of the people who have slagged off the council (I don’t know enough to comment on the story) will be standing for election next time? Just interested as you seem to have all of the answers.

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