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Organisers of the hugely popular Jack Up The Summer festival are offering Isle of Wight NHS frontline staff free entry to the event once the outbreak is over.

Islanders joined together in solidarity last night (Thursday) to offer a national round of applause to honour the amazing NHS staff working hard through the Coronavirus outbreak. During these
unprecedented times our extraordinary NHS workers need to know how grateful we all are – and Jack Up is leading the charge.

Whilst public events, family celebrations and gatherings may be on the back burner for now, the team behind the Island’s homegrown feel-good festival have decided to show their appreciation for those NHS angels battling the virus on all of our behalves by giving them something to look forward to.

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Event Manager Sarah Moss has said:

“We find ourselves in an unparalleled situation where every day is a different day and whilst unsettling, it’s important to retain a sense of hope and optimism for brighter times ahead, and none more so than for those who are out there risking their own health to help others during the pandemic.

“When the nation emerges from this crisis we need to come together to properly celebrate the incredible courage of our Island’s NHS heroes and their unbreakable spirit. We want to give them a party they’ll never forget and enable everyone to join in thanking them for their hard work and dedication.

“Right from the very first Jack Up in 2013, we have always worked hard to give back to our local Island community. There really are no words that can truly express how indebted any of us are, however we feel this is one small way we can acknowledge our enormous sense gratitude and respect.”

Jack Up The Summer is scheduled to take place several months from now on 7-9th August.

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Organisers have advised that they are monitoring official guidance from the World Health Organisation and working closely with all of the relevant agencies, including the local authority, Public Health England and the NHS.

Sarah adds:

“With our 2020 festival still more than 20 weeks away, our small team continue to work hard preparing for the event, whilst reviewing developments whilst reviewing developments an implementing recommendations appropriately as circumstances change.

“We have an absolutely fantastic family throwback festival planned for audiences this year and intend to announce many more great name artists and attractions in the lead up to August, by which time we are sure everybody will be well deserving of an upbeat, happy feelgood Summer party.”

Isle of Wight NHS staff will be able to register their attendance via the festival’s website in the lead up to the event.


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What about the people who are working in other places to save our country and keep it going like the food shop assistants? And the teachers and childcare providers that are caring for the children of the key workers including NHS staff allowing them to be able to go to work.
It’s a great idea I’m not saying it’s not, and I am so thankful for the nhs staff for saving our love everyday not just during this time but there are other working and risking there lives too helping defeat this virus.


Teachers aren’t working now, so they don’t need freebies. Food shop assistants are not dealing with very ill people all the time. Childcare providers are also not dealing with very ill people all the time either. NHS staff are at the most risk of this, and deserve a reward for working through this, WITHOUT the proper PPE. My wife works at the hospital so I know exactly what is going on up at St Marys.

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