An Isle of Wight legend has been recognised by the ESFA and he has been given a prestigious award.

John Bell who lives on Carisbrooke Road has been given the highest possible award and this comes in the form of a 50-years of service medal. It is believed that he is the first person ever from the Isle of Wight to be given such an award. A lot of Islanders, both adults and students will know John from his days in high school. He has been given such an honour and it’s safe to say that it is long-deserved.

If you have ever looked into betting on football then you will have seen the Isle of Wight legend around before. He was a football stalwart and he was born in Oldham. He then moved to the Isle of Wight in the year 1948. This is when the NHS was first established. He lived in Carisbrooke and he also attended the Newport Secondary Grammar School. He then moved to Bermuda with the Colonial Police. Shortly after this, he married Jacqueline Kinchington. At the end of his contract, he then chose to return to England. It was then when he joined the Hampshire Police. He was stationed at Farnham and ever since then he has put in a lot of effort to try and become the best he can be.

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He enjoyed his life in Newport and he attended King Alfred’s College too. It was then when he trained as a PE Teacher. He was the head of year for 15 years and he marked his retirement in 1997. John played football for the team Carisbrooke United and he has always been a firm believer that football is the best sport out there. He established the football team Newport A as well. He didn’t retire from his career as a player until he reached the age of 47. He also played at Church Litten as well.

He has released a statement saying that he has always been happy doing what he is doing, and that he takes great pleasure in ensuring the success of others. Gareth Williams and more have seen a great amount of success and he was at the school as well. He went on to become a professional player and he loves the game as well. The legend has stated that he enjoys football and he is proud to say that his very first club was Carisbrooke. His last team was Carisbrooke as well, and this marks a real landmark for him. He is very proud to have received the medal and he has stated that he is going to try and carry on doing whatever he can to ensure that others see what a fantastic sport it is, and that it is full of opportunity too. This is all great news and it is fantastic to see that people are being recognised for their hard work even in this day and age.

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