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Island residents stepped out onto their doorsteps last night (Thursday) to ‘clap for our carers’, joining streets up and down the country in showing appreciation for the work of NHS staff.

At 20:00, a wave of cheers and clapping could be heard in every village and town across the Isle of Wight as neighbours came together (meteorically) to pay their respects to the ongoing work of the thousands of doctors, nurses and support staff both at St Mary’s Hospital and nationally.

It provided a good opportunity for people to touch base with their neighbours over the garden fence or on the doorstep. It was almost a scene from a war-time film, just with a lack of bunting.

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Last night’s touching moment will certainly be one that people remember for years to come when we exit the coronavirus crisis – whenever that may be.

The ‘Clap for our Carers’ campaign was started on social media by Londoner Annemarie Plas.

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So nice that many people took part, great that so many really appreciate the risk and dedication of such important members of society.

In a ‘real’ world these people would be earning what football and rap ‘artists’ earn.

Wasp Star

All those people out clapping tonight whilst simultaneously voting for a party that has stripped the NHS to the bone for the last 10 years.


You should be ashamed using a world crisis like this as an opportunity to make political gain. Leave it till all is back to normal.

Wasp Star

What utter rubbish. When I see hypocrisy, I call it out. And it’s totally relevant.
Here’s some more for the true blue brexit brigade so prevalent on this island. How about all the immigrants now working in the NHS saving lives? Send them all home?
You should be ashamed.

none given

wasp star – there are times when you should keep your poorly chosen words to yourself – this was one of them – you have failed miserably.

you are a disgusting low life, that is trying to put a negative slant on the efforts of all concerned to see us through this crisis.

Wasp Star

Ah None Given. I was wondering when you would crawl from under your rock.
I never said it was a bad thing to do. Indeed, I clapped with everyone else.
I love the NHS. I am volunteering to help.
You are deliberately misinterpreting the point I made, in order to indulge in your normal practice of inane insults instead of constructive conversation.

none given

wasp star – ha ha – a puerile attempt at regaining the upper hand, after your comments fell way below the standard expected in such circumstances.

There is no comeback wasp star – you scored an own goal with those comments and must live with the shameful consequences.
Whilst people may not know your identity, it doesn’t matter – you know who you are and you must live with yourself.

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