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The Isle of Wight Council is encouraging Islanders to recycle right during the coronavirus crisis.

Although the Island’s household recycling centres are currently closed to the public following government guidelines, normal kerbside bin collections continue to take place.

Islanders are already among the best in the country for recycling and the authority is pulling out all the stops to ensure waste collection services continue with minimal disruption at this challenging time.

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Councillor Steve Hastings, Cabinet member for waste and recycling management, said:

“With people staying at home all day during the pandemic, household waste levels are expected to increase putting extra pressure on kerbside collections.

“We wish to remind people that we have limited capacity in our collection vehicles and so we need residents to help.”

Right now, there are certain measures everyone can take to reduce pressure on the kerbside collection service and keep people safe:

• If you have symptoms of coronavirus, make sure you double-bag your waste (especially tissues and cleaning cloths) and store it safely for 72 hours before placing it in your usual black wheelie bin or gull sack.
• Do not create excess waste you’d usually need to take to the tip. This includes large DIY jobs or house clearances. Do not hand your rubbish to an unlicensed waste carrier for disposal.
• Continue to keep rubbish and recycling separated.
• Try to minimise the amount of waste your household produces.
• Park responsibly. Make sure you leave enough room for our larger vehicles to pass and turn safely.

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The council’s bulky waste service is still operating as normal for the removal of large items from your home, as are green waste collections.

Food waste will continue to be collected weekly and residents can order a new food caddy at

People can still subscribe to the green waste collection scheme here but the deadline is today (Thursday).

Councillor Hastings added:

“Waste collection crews continue to work on the frontline of this health crisis, potentially putting their own safety at risk to provide this essential and much-valued council service.

“They are doing their bit to keep the Island’s streets clear of large build ups of rubbish and we should do all we can to support them and that means recycling right. Their safety is of utmost importance and we must take every precaution, double-bagging waste where necessary, to ensure this.

“I want to thank everyone for playing their part in helping us keep these vital services going and to our front-line workers who are working hard to ensure everyone’s waste continues to be dealt with safely and responsibly.”

The views/opinions expressed in these comments are solely those of the author and do not represent those of Island Echo. House rules on commenting must be followed at all times.
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Joe Thompson

there will be a lot of food waste due to bulk buying by some twats


What about the brown garden waste bins??

Sharon Cade

Yes they’re still collected… done ours this week.


This Garden service is paid for in advance by choice, IE not paid for by Council Tax, every effort should/must be made to keep this going, should this fail to be the case there should be a discount offered, should there be a risk to house hold waste then of course the garden waste should be suspended, Priority must be given to household waste as uncollected would be a substantial health risk and we already have more than enough with CV.


The tip should be open, and the staff cut back during the CV crisis, you could be given a rough time to go to prevent massive queues and for the duration the rubbish could be lobbed into skips without the stringent checks by workers, who, give the impression that we are dumping nuclear waste or murdered body parts by their vigilance.

Better than fly tipping risking those passing by or those who then have to clear it away not knowing what is contained in broken bags or soiled matteresses etc

Joe Bloggs

Entirely agree. Would have though it was an essential service.

Joe Bloggs

Manufacturers can help by reducing the amount of packaging they put on our goods.

Working Person

Shut the tip, well that’s just going to encourage more fly tipping and more bonfires that will probably get out of hand, fire brigade called, police called and no sign of arse hole that lit it, been here already this week have we not. If the remaining stores that are open can count in and count out, surely they can implement that at the tip

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