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Councillor Michael Lilley has joined forces with Island residents who are campaigning for a greater voice in the improvement of mental health services on the Island.

Cllr Lilley is putting a Motion to Isle of Wight Council today (Wednesday), during Mental Health Awareness Week, calling for all Councillors to vote against complacency and make an annual pledge calling for significant reduction in suicides, suicide attempts, admission to secondary mental health/crisis services and the Quality Care Commission judging Island Mental Health Services as excellent.

This pledge to be reaffirmed every year until there is real improvement and change.

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Speaking today, Councillor Lilley has said:

“Over the last 12 months, there have been a number of initiatives to attempt to improve services on the Island but many Island residents are still receiving a poor service. I have been to many meetings where there are promises and blueprints for improvements, but I still get weekly reports of large and long waiting lists, wrong diagnosis, poor service and cuts in service. I hear about heart breaking stories and observe the increase in serious case reviews due to critical incidents.

“We need to shout aloud that we need real measured change over the next 12 months”

Cllr Lilley, who represents Ryde East, is proposing a series of meetings called ‘Island Voices’ where Island residents experiencing mental health issues or care for those with mental health issues can come, speak and be listened to so there stories can heard by the decision makers, commissioners and service providers.


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The Motion

IW Council resolves in accordance with the concept of Good Mental Health for All as promoted during the National Mental Health Awareness Week (14th-20th May 2018) to reaffirm the Council’s commitment to the aims and objectives of the Local Authority Mental Health Challenge which IW Council signed up to in 2017, This reaffirmation to be an annual event until there is a time that there is clear improvement of mental health services on the Isle of Wight, a significant reduction in suicides, suicide attempts and the numbers of children and adults attending secondary mental health services, and the Quality Care Commission judges IW Mental Health Services to be outstanding and not deemed inadequate.

This motion is called in the light of the fact that after a year since the IW Council committed itself to the LA Mental Health Challenge, and the appointment of a Mental Health Champion, that although there is an acknowledgement there has been movement in the right direction, Island residents who are experiencing depression, anxiety and other mental health issues are still receiving a substandard and deemed inadequate service from the public sector. This reaffirmation motion reinforces the Full Council’s commitment to nt be complacent and side lines in the mission of seeing radical improvement of mental health services and good mental well-being for all its citizens.

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