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Those struggling to pay the bills on time have been thrown a lifeline by the Isle of Wight Council with the option to extend Council Tax payments to 12 months.

If you cannot afford to pay April’s instalment as a result of the Coronavirus outbreak you can request your instalments are extended into February and March.

For the majority of Isle of Wight households, Council Tax is paid over a 10 month period meaning payments are not made in February or March. However, this new option allows Islanders to extend this to 12 months. This does not reduce the total amount to be paid.

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If you have difficulties meeting your instalments and extending your instalments, as detailed above, will not assist in meeting your payments then send a message to the Isle of Wight Council detailing your situation. Each enquiry will be considered individually.

For those who can continue to pay Council Tax as normal, you are expected to continue to pay as normal from 1st April. There has been no announcement from the government that Council Tax payments have been frozen.

You may be entitled to help with Council Tax via the Local Council Tax Support Scheme.Visit these webpages for more information.

If you usually make payments at a pay point or a post office you can pay by one of the following methods listed below.

Direct Debit Payments

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Direct Debit is the easiest way to pay your Council Tax. There is a choice of payment dates – 1st, 10th or 20th of the month or ½ yearly (2 instalments 1st April & 1st September). All payments are governed by the Direct Debit Guarantee. Set up a Direct Debit online.

Download a Direct Debit instruction form  complete the form and email it to [email protected]. Alternatively, you can post your completed form to the Council – details at

Internet Payments

You can pay via the internet with your Debit Card. Pay Online to utilise the 24-hour payment facility.

Online Banking

You can pay your Council Tax via online banking or by standing order using the bank details as follows… Bank: Lloyds, Account Number 14867260, Sort Code 30-80-12.

Quote your 8 digit account reference number when making a payment online (quote all numbers and letters but remove the hyphen).

24 Hour Automated Telephone Payment

To make a payment using the automated telephone service call 0345 0450 076.  You will need to have your Council Tax account number to hand when making the payment.

By allpay

Pay your bill via the allpay App. Download the app from the following websites: App Store or Google play using an Apple or Android Smartphone wherever there is a mobile signal. Use the 19 digit number from the bar code on the front of your council tax bill.

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Mrs brown

Typical tight Isle of Wight council… we will extend your time to pay by 2 months. Great help that is, when most are out of work and have no income, or very little from the government! They should be saying we will scrap council tax for the next 3 months, not like they don’t make enough money! GREED!

none given

it isn’t difficult Mrs Brown. If you are out of work, then you are getting a claim in for council tax benefit – which is also being assisted with a fund from the government for those on local council tax support already. if you are “furloughed” then you will get 80% of your pay – then you pay your tax – if you do not have the cash on 1st april, phone them up, tell them you have no cash until you get your govt cash and they will have to wait. if you are not claiming, not furloughed and… Read more »


80% is a fair drop from 100% when 100% just about pays your bills! You obviously have no cash flow worries!


i totally agree. they should scrap it while we have to be confined at home.

Sharon Cade

Hang on, you can all ready pay over 12 months now! They’re doing nothing here for those that will be struggling over these times. Typical little misers.


Really, this is news to me, 10 months payments, FEB/MARCH no payments
This is a very very small step. If every little helps, let this be the First little step.


Exactly! Why don’t they pause it for two months then we can pay in feb and March 2021 as hopefully our money situation will be better then.

Lucy Byrne

That’s exactly what they are saying they will do!!

Cassie Ra

I agree what happens if you already paying over 12 months and can not afford to meet aprils payment.

Grumpy Old Git

C’mon Island Echo – spreading Council Tax payments over 12 months has been an option nationally and on the Island for several years nowso absolutely nothing new here………

Dicky Daniels

You could already ask to pay the extortionate poll tax over 12 months. We have very expensive executives on the council and they need that salary/non contributory pension every month.


you can do 12 month anyway so thats a load of crap from the council


Council Tax seems always a lot to pay every month for most, for what we get in return, paying the big fat cats I would suggest that everyone who has now lost there jobs, closed Buisnesses, have not been able to claim anything yet because HMRC has not set this up yet for employers to access, we just manage on money we may have in savings, majority of people have no savings and are already living from one wage packet to the next one. I would suggest if your in that position dont pay any of your bills look after… Read more »


Scrap Council tax for 6 months for all householders.
Fairer for EVERYONE!

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