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It isn’t a case of if Liverpool win the league this season, but more a case of when they win it. Fans of the club are on the cusp of a huge celebration and we don’t blame them.

However, while fans of The Reds will be on cloud nine, what does their dominance mean for the rest of the Premier League?

With potential trouble ahead for Manchester City with their European ban, could we see the Premier League become uncompetitive for the next few years?

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Can Anyone Challenge Liverpool Next Season?

No one has got anywhere near Liverpool this season, and we could well see the same again next season.

Manchester City will not have the pulling power and potentially not the money because of their European ban, preventing them from closing the gap.

Other big clubs such as Manchester United, Tottenham, Chelsea and Arsenal are simply too far behind to get anywhere near in the space of 12 months.

Even if these clubs do improve, you also have to consider the probability that Liverpool will improve again themselves, as they look to dominate in England and Europe.

When you look at how teams have performed this season, the chances of someone emerging from the pack to compete with Liverpool are slim.

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It would take a brave man to back against Liverpool winning back to back titles, and three or four in a row certainly looks possible.

Alternative Betting Markets for Premier League Punters

Ask any punter or bookmaker and they will tell you that Liverpool are already huge favourites to win the Premier League next season.

This may not be a one-off either and will likely push people towards other betting markets rather than the league winner market.

The good news for punters is that the top online bookies in the uk has to offer, all have a vast range of markets that can be used. From betting on the top four or six, to betting on relegation, if the league is uncompetitive then there are other ways to bet.

Those who bet on the Premier League will be spoilt for choice next season, even if they avoid betting on the league winner because of Liverpool’s dominance.

This is the beauty of such a high profile league, the bookmakers do all they can to offer the most in-depth service possible.

If the Premier League is Uncompetitive Does it Remain the Best League in the World?

Right now, the Premier League is the best football league in the world. The reason for this is because we generally have an exciting title race, one that went to the final day last season.

We also have battles to finish in the top four, top six and of course the fight to stay in the league at the bottom. An uncompetitive Premier League takes away the first of those, we have no title race.

Liverpool fans may have enjoyed this season, those below them have certainly not. For neutrals and those who support teams at the bottom of the table, this has been a pretty boring season at the top.

If other leagues around Europe can provide a better title race then there is every chance those leagues will overtake the English top flight as being the best due to competitiveness.

Could the Premier League Lose Fans?

This is certainly a possibility, and something the league will need to look out for.

While a few people falling out of love with the league may not mean too much to the multi-million-pound owners, it will affect the image of the league.

Could we see people turning to local non-league sides for entertainment, such as promotion chasing Newport?

If games are uncompetitive, people will be less willing to watch on TV or travel to games, instead looking elsewhere for their football fix.


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