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The rules to follow to buy cannabis seeds with a high THC content. Here’s how and where you can buy them legally in some of the best online stores such as SensorySeeds.com.

The marijuana continues to be the star of a thousand-year history, which has seen its circulation for centuries, before becoming an illegal reality and in the last years of the new millennium, to be reconsidered as a plant which has exceptional properties.

A story that in some ways can be considered compelling. One of those mysterious events that developed, between culture and social fabric, in different historical periods.

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Understanding the effects of cannabis

The cannabis is a plant that is part of the history of the Western and Eastern civilizations, but in many ways criticized and hated.

Thanks to its legalization in Europe and in much of the world, buying and growing hemp is now legal in some countries or if you are growing CBD cannabis

Besides, it is also possible to buy seeds, for collecting purposes, at sites specialized in the sale of marijuana seeds online.

But what are the rules to be respected?

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What should you pay attention to in order not to run into legal problems?

In this article, we are going to explore the world of cannabis and one of its compounds that has made it famous over the centuries: THC.

Marijuana seeds: the social contradictions on this plant

From illegality to the possibility of choosing: the legalization of cannabis is a reality that still carries within itself the contradictions that have characterized this plant and that recently have prompted the UE to express a judgment again and clarify some aspects.

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But why so much controversy? Entering the world of this herbaceous species is a rather fascinating process, in which a real bond is highlighted between man and this product. Not only for the simplicity of cultivating it, but for the effects it generates on the body.

From a chemical standpoint, marijuana is rich in substances such as flavonoids and cannabinoids, elements that lead to different effects on humans. In particular, around the 60s, various studies have isolated the main compounds that characterize marijuana seeds: THC and CBD.

The acronyms identify tetrahydrocannabinol and cannabidiol, which have different effects on the nervous system of the human being and on a celebratory level.

THC is a much appreciated compound, but also hated

In particular, THC is the protagonist of the disappearance of cannabis from everyday reality, which took place between the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century.

What was determined was not a simple fight against the effects of this plant, but a real creation of a social model that was introduced into the culture of the time and that for a whole century made marijuana and cannabis seeds illegal.

It all started in the United States, in wanting to consider cannabis a product similar to the most dangerous drugs because of its psychotropic effects. This negative belief soon made its way to Britain and spread throughout the British Commonwealth and across Europe, leading to the disappearance of cannabis from everyday life.

It is enough to consider that in the 19th century marijuana seeds were freely cultivated and from the plant clothes, objects, ropes, cloths, and food were produced.

As a result of this new negative view of marijuana, the use, and production of cannabis buds around the world was punishable by hefty fines and even arrest.

Over time this idea has become so intertwined with the social sphere that this plant is considered a symbol of a plagiarized, nonconformist generation, which broke the mould and did not respect social conventions. In the 50s and 60s it identified the so-called Hippies, with revolutionary and liberal ideas. In the 70s and until the end of the century, instead it was closely connected to the lowest social levels, i.e., those who used it and distributed it by violating the law.

Legal cannabis and the revaluation of marijuana seeds

However, things began to change in the 2000s, eradicating in the social fabric the equivalence that cannabis was closely linked to a low social and educational level.

From the new perspective, the use of marijuana seeds is seen under a new perspective, considering the positive aspects of this plant and the possibility of creating products that are beneficial to humans and that bring health benefits.

The birth of legal marijuana is a rediscovery of the properties of a plant that has a common aspect, and which apparently does not seem to have particular properties. In fact, when you approach a marijuana shrub, there is nothing striking given the green colour, and a thin stem that makes it not very aesthetically beautiful, with leaves of the same colour. In some moments of its life cycle it also forms flowers, even these devoid of any charm.

The dark world of online cannabis seeds

The problem regarding the legality of cannabis seeds with a high THC content is something that affects all the countries of Europe.

In fact, the difference between selling cannabis seeds and being able to use them is very subtle and can often confuse a user who imagines that finding on a specialized site, a product that he can buy, implies that it is legal to make a specific use of it.

Another critical factor is that all products that are considered legal must be accompanied by a label that identifies that they are sold by an authorized dealer.

So, if you decide to buy and collect marijuana seeds with a high THC content it is important to buy them from specialized sites such as SensorySeeds.com, which guarantee a quality product and the certainty of having seeds present in the European genetics catalog.

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