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hmsbrokecowesexhibitionCowes Heritage, the voluntary group dedicated to recording and exhibiting the history of Cowes, Gurnard and Northwood, has won a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund to make a film about the impact on the area of World War 1.

The £3,100 grant, together with a £200 top-up from Cowes Heritage, will – among other things – shed a spotlight on the impressive production of warships and war-planes by J Samuel White, and the role as a Red Cross hospital of Northwood House. Assistance is also to be sought from Carisbrooke Castle Museum, the County Records Office and London’s Imperial War Museum.

The story of some of the many local families who lost loved ones will be highlighted, together with a visit to a few of the relevant Commonwealth War Graves in France. In this regard Cowes Heritage would be grateful for descendants of people involved in the war to come forward with their stories, to add to those already incorporated in the recent Cowes Heritage 1910-1920 exhibition. They are asked to contact Cowes Heritage vice-chairman George Chastney, email [email protected]

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The subsequent DVD, which will be released late next year, will be distributed free of charge to local schools and sold at various outlets, including the County Press Shop. It is envisaged that Cowes Heritage’s £200 contribution to the project will be more than met by profits from these retail sales.

This will be the fifth DVD made by Cowes Heritage, the others being Cowes at War (concerning World War 2), School Days, Transport Through the Ages, and the story of J Samuel White. It also publishes ten books concerning various subjects of local history, including pubs, fires, shops, piers and Somerton airport.

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