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The Isle of Wight Fire and Rescue Service have been called to a fire in the open in Newport this lunchtime (Friday).

A hedge has caught light off Hinton Road and is threatening a nearby bungalow.

The alarm was raised shortly before 12:55.

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UPDATE @ 13:26 – 2 appliances from Newport are currently on scene at the residential address, which is located close to Wolfe Close.

Thankfully, firefighters have prevented the fire from spreading and have been able to save the property.

Hinton Road has been cordoned off by the fire service and as a result, Southern Vectis buses are unable to serve the estate at this time.

UPDATE @ 13:48 – It is thought a discarded cigarette, dropped by a member of the public from a footpath, is to blame for this afternoon’s fire.

It has been confirmed to Island Echo that 1 appliance was initially mobilised to the address after a member of the public spotted the flames and raised the alarm.

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The first crew on scene discovered a large hedge well alight and quickly made pumps 2 as the fire started to spread to the corner of the bungalow and a summer house.

2 hose reels were put into action to douse the flames before breathing apparatus-wearing firefighters were committed into the dwelling to check it’s integrity.

Although there has been damage sustained to the corner of the single-storey property and a summer house, both structures have been saved from total destruction.

Crew Manager John Sedgeley of Newport Fire Station has said:

“Although it is only April the land is already very dry following a very dry winter.

“I would like to remind Islanders to be super cautious of disgarding lighted materials such as ciggerettes and other items that have the potential to start a fire, such as a glass bottle.

”1 of 2 more minutes and the fire would have taken hold of the property”.

The member of the public’s swift action in calling the fire service is thought to have made all the difference as the property occupier was not home at the time of the incident.

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Scummy smokers poluting our air, cost us a fortune on the nhs and setting fire to hedges, they should all be ashamed


Lol…move to scotland …the air is lovely up there..they like scummy whingers

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